Equality watchdog attacks Boris Johnson’s ‘inflammatory’ remarks – The Guardian

Posted August 13th, 2018 in complaints, disciplinary procedures, equality, Islam, news, political parties by sally

‘The equalities watchdog has branded Boris Johnson’s comments on the burqa “inflammatory and divisive”, but said it has no powers to launch an investigation.’

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The Guardian, 10th August 2018

Source: www.theguardian.com

Political ads on social media must be transparent – Electoral Commission – BBC News

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‘”Urgent” action is needed to make online political advertising more honest and transparent, the UK’s election watchdog has said.’

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BBC News, 26th June 2018

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Justice Minister Phillip Lee Resigns Over Brexit Saying We Need To Be On ‘The Right Side of History’ – Rights Info

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‘Justice minister Phillip Lee has resigned from his position, during a keynote speech about the importance of human rights.’

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Rights Info, 12th June 2018

Source: rightsinfo.org

Ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson jailed at Leeds court – BBC News

‘Former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson has been jailed for potentially prejudicing a court case, it can be reported.’

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BBC News, 29th May 2018

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Members of Jewish community lodge 1,000 official complaints against Jeremy Corbyn – Daily Telegraph

Posted April 17th, 2018 in complaints, Judaism, news, political parties by tracey

‘Members of the Jewish community have lodged more than 1,000 official complaints calling on Labour to investigate Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism.

The signatories add their names to a complaint lodged by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA) earlier this month. The charity, which is considering legal action if Labour refuses to investigate, says that Mr Corbyn has failed to act to stamp out hatred for three years and now his party must show that they take the matter seriously.

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Daily Telegraph, 16th April 2018

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

UK parties poised to gain data powers to work out how people are likely to vote, despite the Cambridge Analytica scandal – The Indepndent

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‘Britain’s political parties are poised to grant themselves special powers to use personal data to find out how people are likely to vote, despite the Cambridge Analytica scandal, The Independent can reveal.’

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The Indepndent, 23rd March 2018

Source: www.independent.co.uk

UKIP ordered to pay Labour MPs £175,000 in damages – BBC News

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‘UKIP has been ordered to pay £175,000 in legal costs over a defamation case brought by three South Yorkshire Labour MPs.’

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BBC News, 19th March 2018

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

High Court makes third-party costs order against UKIP for blocking settlement of libel claim – Litigation Futures

Posted February 20th, 2018 in costs, defamation, enforcement, news, political parties, third parties by sally

‘The High Court has made a third-party costs order against UKIP, after the party took a “political” decision to block the settlement of a libel claim against one of its MEPs.’

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Litigation Futures, 20th February 2018

Source: www.litigationfutures.com

Jane Collins defamation case: UKIP delayed case – BBC News

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‘UKIP “deliberately delayed” settlement of a libel case for “political advantage” ahead of the 2015 general election, the High Court has ruled.’

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BBC News, 15th February 2018

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Judge rejects challenge to removal of description in register of political parties – Local Government Lawyer

Posted February 15th, 2018 in incitement, local government, news, political parties, violence by sally

‘A High Court judge has dismissed a legal challenge brought by the English Democrats to a decision by the Electoral Commission to remove one of 12 descriptions included in the party’s entry in the register of political parties for Great Britain.’

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Local Government Lawyer, 15th February 2018

Source: www.localgovernmentlawyer.co.uk

Ukip to face tribunal over use of data in EU referendum campaign – The Guardian

Posted December 14th, 2017 in elections, news, political parties, referendums, tribunals by sally

‘Ukip is to face a tribunal over its use of analytics during the EU referendum after refusing to cooperate with an investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office.’

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The Guardian, 13th December 2017

Source: www.theguardian.com

Brexit: Electoral Commission reopens probe into Vote Leave – BBC News

Posted November 21st, 2017 in elections, news, political parties, referendums by sally

‘The Electoral Commission has reopened an investigation into Vote Leave’s EU referendum spending.’

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BBC News, 20th November 2017

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Nigel Farage withdraws ‘violent means’ claim against Hope Not Hate – The Guardian

Posted November 15th, 2017 in defamation, news, political parties by tracey

‘Nigel Farage has formally withdrawn his claim that Hope Not Hate pursues “violent and undemocratic means” after it launched a crowdfunded libel case against the former Ukip leader.’

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The Guardian, 14th November 2017

Source: www.theguardian.com

Crowdfunded high court challenge against £1bn Tory-DUP deal fails – The Guardian

‘A crowdfunded bid at the high court in London to challenge the government’s controversial parliamentary deal with the Democratic Unionist party has failed.’

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The Guardian, 26th October 2017

Source: www.theguardian.com

Hale: Let opposition politicians help select top judges – Litigation Futures

‘Politicians from both opposition and government should be involved in appointing the most senior judges, Lady Hale has proposed.’

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Litigation Futures, 23rd August 2017

Source: www.litigationfutures.com

May’s deal with DUP faces legal challenge from crowdfunding campaign – The Guardian

‘A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise funds for a potential legal challenge to Theresa May’s parliamentary deal with the Democratic Unionist party, on the grounds that it breaches the Good Friday agreement.’

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The Guardian, 9th July 2017

Source: www.theguardian.com

Brexit: Butlins owner Peter Harris gets EU referendum fine – BBC News

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‘Millionaire Butlins owner Peter Harris has been given the Electoral Commission’s biggest financial penalty for breaking spending return rules during the EU referendum.’

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BBC News, 20th June 2017

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Colin Harvey and Daniel Holder: The Great Repeal Bill and the Good Friday Agreement – Cementing a Stalemate or Constitutional Collision Course? – UK Constitutional Law Association

‘As predicted, Brexit is proving to be profoundly destabilising for the peace process and the constitutional politics of Northern Ireland. An outcome that lacks the consent of the people of Northern Ireland (a majority voted to remain) is re-opening fundamental questions about future relationships across these islands. We argue that this constitutional mess has potentially created a ‘perfect storm’, and leaves many here struggling with the troubling consequences.’

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UK Constitutional Law Association, 6th June 2017

Source: ukconstitutionallaw.org

Charities say ‘gag law’ stops them speaking out on Tory social care plans – The Guardian

‘Charities have been silenced from speaking out about the Conservative social care plans despite believing they will be hugely damaging to elderly and disabled people across the country, it has been claimed.’

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The Guardian, 29th May 2017

Source: www.theguardian.com

Robert Craig: Zombie Prerogatives Should Remain Decently Buried: Replacing the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 (Part 1) – UK Constitutional Law Association

‘In the light of widespread dissatisfaction with the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 (‘FTPA’), the Conservative party manifesto states, at page 43, “We will repeal the Fixed-term Parliaments Act”. This post explores the constitutional implications if, as seems likely, the Conservative Government continues to command a majority in the House of Commons after the election and seeks to convince Parliament to repeal the Act.’

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UK Constitutional Law Association, 24th May 2017

Source: www.ukconstitutionallaw.org