Legal Research FAQs

The legal research guides listed aim to answer questions frequently asked of the staff at the Inner Temple Library. The sources suggested are not intended to be exhaustive. Rather they are sources that the staff have found to be most useful. They include free web-based sources, hard copy materials and subscription-based databases.

Some of the guides include information on works held by the Inns of Court Libraries, which are open to members of the Inns of Court only.

Please note that the subscription-based databases mentioned are available for use in the Inner Temple Library by members of the Inns of Court only. These databases cannot be accessed remotely because of restrictions in our licence agreements. Members of the public are advised to contact a public reference library to enquire if the databases or publications listed are available locally.

Researching UK Law

Researching EU Law

Researching Treaties

Researching Parliamentary Publications

PDF versions of these guides can be downloaded from our website.