999 calls: When do assurances of help give rise to a duty of care? – UK Police Law Blog

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‘The working assumption of most police lawyers is that a common law duty of care will not arise where call handlers tell 999 callers that the police will attend and assist. The judgment in Sherratt v Chief Constable of GMP [2018] EWHC 1746 (QB) demonstrates that a more careful analysis is required. In this case, some fairly common and non-specific assurances were sufficient to give rise to a duty of care.’

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UK Police Law Blog, 27th July 2018

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Court dismisses claim duty of care is owed to employees in litigation – OUT-LAW.com

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‘Employers do not owe their employees a duty of care in the way they defend claims that they are vicariously liable for actions of those employees, the UK Supreme Court has ruled.’

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OUT-LAW.com, 27th July 2018

Source: www.out-law.com

Woman killed herself after series of NHS trust errors, jury finds – The Guardian

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‘A young woman with mental health problems killed herself after a series of major errors by the NHS trust that was looking after her, a jury at an inquest into her death has found.’

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The Guardian, 25th July 2018

Source: www.theguardian.com

Financial regulator mulls ‘duty of care’ and new damages regime – OUT-LAW.com

‘The FCA is seeking views on whether there is a need for a new customer “duty of care” or “fiduciary duty”, or whether the existing rules already provide sufficient protections for consumers. It is also seeking views on a new right for consumers to seek private damages against firms which have breached the new duty or the regulatory principles set out in the FCA Handbook, particularly the requirement to “treat customers fairly”.’

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OUT-LAW.com, 23rd July 2018

Source: www.out-law.com

Emergency services liable where responsibility is assumed and detrimental reliance has taken place – UK Human Rights Blog

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‘Sherratt v Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police [2018] EWHC 1746 (QB) (16 July 2018). This was an appeal on a preliminary issue from the decision of David Berkeley QC, sitting as the Recorder below. The question was whether the defendant chief constable owed a duty of care to the claimant’s partner, who had committed suicide.’

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UK Human Rights Blog, 18th July 2018

Source: ukhumanrightsblog.com

Seven years on from Winterbourne View, why has nothing changed? – The Guardian

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‘This week is the seventh anniversary of BBC Panorama’s exposure of the systematic abuse of people with learning disabilities at Winterbourne View hospital in Gloucestershire.’

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The Guardian, 30th May 2018

Source: www.theguardian.com

Jacob Eisler: Robinson v. Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, 2018 UKSC 4 – UK Constitutional Law Association

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‘When, in the performance of their roles, do public authorities owe a private law duty of care to those harmed by their actions, and thus face common law tort liability if they discharge their state functions carelessly? The latest case on duties for public authorities, Robinson v. Chief Constable of West Yorkshire, indicates that the private duties owed in tort by public entities are the same as any other party under the common law. Robinson involved a positive act by police which harmed an innocent bystander; the UKSC was unanimous that the police owed a private duty of care to the victim. The leading opinion by Lord Reed was unequivocal that public authorities face the same test for common law duty of care as any other entity, rather than enduring higher, enjoying more lenient, standards. While Lord Reed’s analysis offers a compelling synthesis of legal precedent, the alternative approach advanced by Lord Hughes and Lord Mance raises questions regarding the durability of Lord Reed’s reasoning.’

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UK Constitutional Law Association, 14th May 2018

Source: ukconstitutionallaw.org

Court of Appeal: No duty of care on council to control roadside vegetation – Litigation Futures

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‘The Court of Appeal has rejected an attempt by a cyclist to impose a duty of care on central or local government to prevent roadside vegetation from impairing visibility for road users, saying there would “potentially serious and costly consequences” in doing so “for very little practical gain”.’

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Litigation Futures, 9th May 2018

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Council defeats Court of Appeal challenge over road accident and vegetation – Local Government Lawyer

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‘Appeal judges have refused to create a duty of care with “potentially serious and costly consequences for very little practical gain” in a case over whether overgrown vegetation contributed to a road accident.’

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Local Government Lawyer, 9th May 2018

Source: www.localgovernmentlawyer.co.uk

Child slavery victim sues Home Office after sexual assault at Morton Hall – The Guardian

‘A Vietnamese victim of child slavery has launched legal proceedings against the government after he was sexually assaulted at Morton Hall immigration removal centre, the Guardian can reveal.’

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The Guardian, 7th May 2018

Source: www.theguardian.com

Can you run in school? – The duty of care owed to school children after Pook v Rossall – Zenith PI

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‘The shouts from teachers of “don’t run”, “slow down” and “keep to the left” echo around the corridors of schools up and down the country. Whilst chalk boards have given way to SMART boards these commands have stood the test of time but are they still applicable today? What standards are expected of schools to protect students especially in the giddy excitement of a PE lesson? The High Court appeal in Pook v Rossall School [2018] All ER (D) 113 (Mar) considers the issue.’

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Zenith PI, 27th April 2018

Source: zenithpi.wordpress.com

Case Preview: James-Bowen & Ors v Commissioner of the Police for the Metropolis – UK Supreme Court Blog

‘Does a person who is sued in civil litigation for the alleged misconduct of her employees (or others for whom she is vicariously liable) owe a duty of care to avoid causing those employees or “quasi-employees” financial loss arising from the conduct of the person’s defence?.’

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UK Supreme Court Blog, 3rd April 2018

Source: ukscblog.com

Police to be investigated over search for Gaia Pope after she raised fears about sex attacker’s release – Daily Telegraph

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‘The way in which police handled the disappearance of teenager Gaia Pope is to be investigated by the police watchdog.’

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Daily Telegraph, 6th April 2018

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Duty of Care Owed by the MoJ to Serving Prisoners Limited to Matters Arising out of their Custody – Zenith Chambers

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‘In this case the claimant claimed damages from the MoJ for personal arising from clinical negligence and breach of his rights under ECHR art.3.’

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Zenith Chambers, 2nd March 2018

Source: www.zenithchambers.co.uk

Law firm that should have warned property investor clients of “Mafia risk” fails in Supreme Court bid – Legal Futures

‘A law firm with offices in Italy and England has reached the end of the line in challenging a ruling that it was under a duty to warn British and Irish property investors of the risks of investing in a part of Italy associated with organised crime.’

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Legal Futures, 9th March 2018

Source: www.legalfutures.co.uk

Worboys and Ullah: Do UK Courts have to follow Strasbourg to the letter? – UK Human Rights Blog

Posted March 5th, 2018 in appeals, duty of care, human rights, judgments, news, Supreme Court, treaties by tracey

‘Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis v DSD and Anor [2018] UKSC 11. I focus on one point of disagreement between the judges, which is whether a court, before holding that the state owes an investigative duty for the actions of private parties, would require the clearest statement in consistent decisions of the European Court of Human Rights.’

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UK Human Rights Blog, 2nd March 2018

Source: ukhumanrightsblog.com

Duty of care owed by the MOJ to serving prisoners limited to matters arising out of their custody – Zenith PI

Posted March 5th, 2018 in duty of care, health, human rights, medical treatment, negligence, news, prisons by tracey

‘Benius Razumas v Ministry of Justice [2018] EWHC 215 (QB): In this case the claimant claimed damages from the MoJ for personal arising from clinical negligence and breach of his rights under ECHR art.3.’

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Zenith PI, 2nd March 2018

Source: zenithpi.wordpress.com

Police liability for failures in criminal investigations – UK Police Law Blog

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‘The hits for the police keep on coming. The decision in Commissioner of the Metropolis v (1) DSD (2) NBV [2018] UKSC 11 confirms that the police can be liable in proceedings for a breach of article 3’s prohibition on inhuman and degrading treatment (and possibly article 4’s prohibition on slavery) where they fail to perform an adequate criminal investigation into alleged serious ill-treatment.’

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UK Police Law Blog, 22nd February 2018

Source: ukpolicelawblog.com

Psychiatrist suspended for 12 months after man drowned in epileptic fit – The Guardian

‘A senior psychiatrist has been suspended for 12 months following the death of a vulnerable teenager who suffered an epileptic fit and drowned in a bath at an NHS care unit.’

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The Guardian, 21st February 2018

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Law Pod UK Ep.23: Lawsuits against the police for arrest operations – 1 COR

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‘The Supreme Court’s ruling on police tactics may have implications for other emergency services, as Isabel McArdle explains to Rosalind English.’

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Law Pod UK, 14th February 2018

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