Dental plan provided VAT-exempt ‘payment services’ to patients, Tribunal finds –

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‘A dental payment plan provided to patients amounts to a “service for a consideration” for VAT purposes, but also falls within the payment services exemption under the VAT Directive, the First-Tier Tax Tribunal has ruled.’

Full story, 6th December 2013


General Dental Council v Fajemisin – WLR Daily

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General Dental Council v Fajemisin: [2013] EWHC 3501 (Admin);   [2013] WLR (D)  447

“In addition to cases in which a previous decision could be revisited under the equivalent of the slip rule, a public body had jurisdiction to revisit a decision which had been made in ignorance of the true facts when the factual basis on which it had proceeded had amounted to a fundamental mistake of fact. That power existed irrespective of whether the decision fell to be classified as judicial or administrative in nature.”

WLR Daily, 19th November 2013


Dentist who submitted claims for dead patients struck off – Daily Telegraph

“A dentist jailed for conning the NHS out of more than £1.3 million to fund her ‘globe trotting’ lifestyle and taste for designer shoes has been struck off by the dental regulator.”

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Daily Telegraph, 21st October 2013


Restrictions on health workers with HIV lifted as ‘outdated’ ban ends – The Guardian

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“Surgeons, dentists, midwives and other healthcare workers who have HIV are to be allowed to perform all kinds of procedures on patients, following the lifting of an outdated ban that led in some cases to the loss of careers and livelihoods.”

Full story

The Guardian, 15th August 2013


Dental nurse wins case after being given written warning for eating apple – Daily Telegraph

“A dental nurse who was given a written warning by bosses for eating an apple has won a case for constructive dismissal against the surgery.”

Full story

Daily Telegraph, 9th May 2013


Dentists ‘mislead’ patients over free NHS care – Daily Telegraph

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“Half a million patients a year may have unnecessarily paid to receive private dental treatment after receiving inaccurate information from their dentist about health service entitlements, an Office of Fair Trading (OFT) study found.”

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Daily Telegraph, 29th May 2012


In re an application by the General Dental Council (Savery and others, interested parties) – WLR Daily

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In re an application by the General Dental Council (Savery and others, interested parties):[2011] EWHC 3011 (Admin);  [2011] WLR (D)  332

“The General Dental Council was under no obligation to obtain an order of the court for permission to use and disclose dental records of patients for the purposes of investigating allegations of professional misconduct against a registered dentist even where the patients in question objected to the disclosure or did not consent to it.”

WLR Daily, 16th November 2011


Dentists face Office of Fair Trading investigation – Daily Telegraph

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“Dentists are to be investigated by the Office of Fair Trading amid concerns that patients are confused about treatments and end up paying over the odds.”

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Daily Telegraph, 16th September 2011


‘Flatulent’ dentist from Shrewsbury is struck off – BBC News

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“A dentist who faced charges of breaking wind and belching in front of patients and staff has been struck off.”

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BBC News, 4th March 2011


Dentist’s right to substitute others for himself undermines ‘worker’ claim, rules EAT –

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“A dentist did not qualify as an employee or even as a ‘worker’ under employment law because he could have supplied locums to do his work and still fulfil his contract, the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) has ruled.”

Full story, 16th August 2010


Urinating dentist ruling upheld – BBC News

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“A High Court has upheld a tribunal’s findings that a West Yorkshire dentist urinated in his surgery sink before treating a patient.”

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BBC News, 28th November 2008


‘Dog patient’ dentist is jailed – BBC News

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“A dentist and his wife who stole more than £30,000 from the NHS by claiming money for treatment never given to patients have been jailed.”

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BBC News, 20th may 2008


Dentist in court fight over NHS reforms – The Independent

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“An orthodontist is awaiting a judgment in the High Court on whether he can challenge his NHS dental services contract.”

Full story

The Independent, 26th February 2008


Muslim dentist “made patient cover her head” – The Times

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“A Muslim dentist insisted that a young woman wear an Islamic headscarf before he would agree to treat her for toothache, the General Dental Council was told yesterday.”

Full story

The Times, 25th September 2007