What Next for Sovereign Immunity in ICSID Disputes? A Short Review of Border Timbers Ltd v Republic of Zimbabwe and Infrastructure Service Luxembourg Sarl v Spain – Kluwer Arbitration Blog

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‘On 19 January 2024, the High Court of Justice of England and Wales gave judgment in Border Timbers Ltd v Republic of Zimbabwe [2024] EWHC 58 (Comm). The decision of Dias J considered, in detail, the application of the UK State Immunity Act 1978 (“SIA”) to the registration, enforcement, and execution of ICSID arbitral awards before and by the English courts. The court declined to follow another recently decided case Infrastructure Services Luxembourg Sarl v Spain [2023] EWHC 1226 (Comm), as well as international practice across the broader common law world. Permission has been given to appeal the decision in Border Timbers to the Court of Appeal. The proceedings in Border Timbers and Infrastructure Services Luxembourg deserve close attention.’

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Kluwer Arbitration Blog, 30th March 2024

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Cuthbert and White: When the dust settles … what does it mean? – Asbestos Law

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‘In this blog post, John-Paul Swoboda considers the recent case of Cuthbert, in which Michael Rawlinson KC, Max Archer and Jessica Franklin acted for the Appellant, the widow of Mr Derek Barry Cuthbert and executrix of his estate.’

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Asbestos Law, 25th March 2024

Source: asbestoslawblog.uk

Representative actions under CPR 19.8: practical lessons to learn from Barclays Bank UK Plc v Terry – Gatehouse Chambers

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‘The writers have the privilege of having been counsel for the Defendants in what is believed to have been a first case of its type in terms of the ‘bifurcated’ procedure used to dispose of a large number of related causes of action in a single representative claim.’

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Gatehouse Chambers, 22nd April 2024

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High Court grants interim relief to vulnerable refugee faced with imminent homelessness by local authority – Garden Court Chambers

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‘Recent findings from London Councils reveal a concerning 39% increase in homelessness presentations among refugees and asylum seekers evicted from Home Office accommodation last year, with numbers continuing to rise.’

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Garden Court Chambers, 12th April 2024

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Multi-Party Claim Forms – Gatehouse Chambers

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‘Claimants in professional negligence cases may wish to join forces under a single Claim Form to limit initial court fees and spread the risks and costs of the litigation between themselves.’

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Gatehouse Chambers, 23rd April 2024

Source: gatehouselaw.co.uk

Episode 23 – Construction and The Climate – Whole Life Carbon Assessment – 39 Essex Chambers

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‘In this episode, Camilla ter Haar and Ruth Keating are joined by Simon Sturgis. Simon Sturgis is widely recognised as an expert, an innovator and a lateral thinker in delivering a low carbon, resource efficient, built environment. He has led UK thinking and produced industry guidance for the RICS, RIBA, UKGBC, BCO and others which has already changed the way projects are designed and built in the UK.’

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39 Essex Chambers, 19th April 2024

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Clark v Adams: personal injury claim against Gerry Adams to proceed to trial – 12KBW Personal Injury Law Blog

‘Clark v Adams [2024] EWHC 62 (KB) is an unusual personal injury claim: three joined claims brought for injuries suffered as a result of bombings attributed to the Provisional Irish Republican Army (‘provisional IRA’) at the Old Bailey in March 1973, the London Docklands in February 1996 and the Arndale Centre in Manchester in June 1996. The claims were brought against the provisional IRA and against Gerry Adams, both in a representative capacity (as a representative of the provisional IRA) and in his personal capacity.’

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12KBW Personal Injury Law Blog, 23rd April 202

Source: pilawblog.com

Here we Grove again: Lidl Great Britain Limited v Closed Circuit Cooling Limited t/a 3CL [2023] EWHC 3051 (TCC) – 39 Essex Chambers

Posted April 25th, 2024 in construction industry, enforcement, jurisdiction, news by sally

‘There had been a number of adjudications between the parties:

– The first adjudication was a “smash and grab” adjudication, in which Lidl was ordered to pay the sum in application for payment 19 (“AFP19”) together with interest.
– In the second adjudication, Lidl sought the cost of appointing a third party to rectify alleged defects in the works.
– The third adjudication, again referred by Lidl, concerned 3CL’s entitlement to an extension of time. Lidl did not seek any remedy in relation to the payment or deduction of liquidated damages.’

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39 Essex Chambers, 18th April 2024

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Embracing Artificial Intelligence in International Arbitration: Towards Transparency and Fairness – 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square

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‘Leonora Riesenburg and Arran Dowling-Hussey reflect on the healthy and often colourful global debate on risk mitigation in international arbitration driven by modern forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI).’

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4-5 Gray's Inn Square, 2nd April 2024

Source: www.4-5.co.uk

Has Fleischmann been put in its proper place? PSA v GDC & Naveed Patel [2024] EWHC 243 (Admin) – 2 Hare Court

‘It is nearly twenty years now since Alexander Fleischmann, a dentist, was struck off after the forerunner body to the PSA appealed against his suspension by a Committee of the GDC. Mr Fleischmann had been convicted in the Crown Court of quite serious charges relating to child pornography but after submissions in mitigation he had been sentenced to a three-year Community Rehabilitation Order (CRO) rather than being sent to prison as the Sentencing Guidelines would have suggested.’

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2 Hare Court, 5th April 2024

Source: www.2harecourt.com

Supreme Court allows government appeal over asylum seeker’s ‘limbo status’ – Law Society’s Gazette

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‘Five Supreme Court justices today [24th April] unanimously allowed the home secretary’s appeal over a claim for leave to remain by an asylum seeker currently in “limbo status.” ‘

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Law Society's Gazette, 25th April 2024

Source: www.lawgazette.co.uk

Bristol drug dealer jailed for modern slavery offence – BBC News

‘A drug dealer who was involved in trafficking children to sell crack cocaine and heroin has been jailed.’

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BBC News, 25th April 2024

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Reasonable Adjustments: Trial Periods and the Burden of Proof – 3PB

‘Stephen Wyeth reviews Rentokil Initial UK Ltd v Miller [2024] EAT 37 which deals with the issue of whether trial periods can be a reasonable adjustment in the context of existing case law and offers some useful discussion about how the burden of proof shifts in such cases.’

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3PB, 26th March 2024

Source: www.3pb.co.uk

‘Obsessed’ man broke into his ex’s home and stabbed her new partner to death as they lay in bed – The Independent

Posted April 25th, 2024 in domestic violence, murder, news, sentencing by tracey

‘A jealous ex has been jailed for stabbing his former girlfriend’s new lover to death while he lay in bed.’

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The Independent, 24th April 2024

Source: www.independent.co.uk

Inquest finds gross failings in care of woman who drank too much water – The Guardian

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‘An inquest jury has found there were “gross failings in care amounting to neglect” before a woman had a heart attack at a private mental health hospital due to complications from drinking excessive amounts of water.’

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The Guardian, 24th April 2024

Source: www.theguardian.com

Ruth Perry family furious as Ofsted single-word ratings are retained – The Guardian

Posted April 25th, 2024 in government departments, news, standards, suicide, teachers by tracey

‘Ofsted’s controversial single-word judgments are here to stay, the government has ruled, in a blow to campaigners who hoped they would be scrapped after the suicide of the primary school headteacher Ruth Perry.’

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The Guardian, 25th April 2025

Source: www.theguardian.com

Hybrid orders & section 45A of the Mental Health Act 1983: recent developments – 6KBW College Hill

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‘Section 45A of the Mental Health Act 1983 (“MHA”) was inserted by the Crime (Sentences) Act 1997. The idea behind it is that where an offender who suffers from a treatable mental disorder is before the Court, a hybrid sentence can be imposed. The offender is treated, and then in an appropriate case returned to prison to serve the rest of their sentence. If is they are still in hospital when the sentence expires, they remain in hospital, but unrestricted[1]. It came into force on the 1st October 1997.’

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6KBW College Hill, 24th March 2024

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