Lord Reed, London International Disputes Week – Supreme Court

‘Lord Reed, London International Disputes Week.’

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Supreme Court, 11th May 2022

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‘£33 quadrillion’ serial litigant given two-year court ban – Law Society’s Gazette

Posted April 14th, 2022 in arbitration, judicial review, news, restraining orders, vexatious litigants by tracey

‘A serial litigant who has “repeatedly advanced baseless allegations of dishonesty and bad faith” in a litany of claims has been banned from bringing claims in the High Court for two years.’

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Law Society's Gazette, 13th April 2022

Source: www.lawgazette.co.uk

TCC finds adjudicator did not undermine arbitration award – Practical Law: Construction Blog

‘Compared to the restrictions we faced a couple of months ago with the emergence of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, it really does feel as if we are starting to return to some normality, and it was wonderful to see so many construction law professionals at the Society of Construction Law lunch in London last Friday. I had intended to read Morris J’s interesting judgment in John Graham Construction Ltd v Tecnicas Reunidas UK Ltd on the train home, but I sensibly put that off until the weekend, otherwise I fear my ramblings might have been somewhat difficult to discern.’

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Practical Law: Construction Blog, 16th February 2022

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Law Commission to review the Arbitration Act 1996 – Law Commission

Posted December 3rd, 2021 in arbitration, consultations, Law Commission, news, statute law revision by tracey

‘The Law Commission has today, 30 November 2021, announced that it will conduct a review of the Arbitration Act 1996, the principal legislation governing arbitrations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.’

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Law Commission, 30th November 2021

Source: www.lawcom.gov.uk

Case Comment: Kabab-Ji Sal (Lebanon) v Kout Food Group (Kuwait) [2021] UKSC 48 – UKSC Blog

Posted November 16th, 2021 in arbitration, assignment, choice of forum, enforcement, news, subsidiary companies by sally

‘In this post, Richard Bamforth, Jessica Foley, and Julia Czaplinska-Pakowska of CMS comment on the UK Supreme Court’s decision in Kabab-Ji Sal (Lebanon) v Kout Food Group (Kuwait) [2021] UKSC 48, which delivered further guidance to commercial parties and arbitration practitioners on the issue of the governing law of arbitration agreements.’

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UKSC Blog, 16th November 2021

Source: ukscblog.com

UK Supreme Court gives guidance on arbitration agreement applicable law – OUT-LAW.com

‘The UK Supreme Court has provided guidance on the English law approach to questions of the applicable law of an arbitration agreement in a key recent judgment.’

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OUT-LAW.com, 2nd November 2021

Source: www.pinsentmasons.com

Art collector’s court case signals potential legal and contractual issues with NFTs – OUT-LAW.com

Posted October 28th, 2021 in arbitration, artistic works, auctioneers, internet, news by sally

‘Liverpool-based art collector and computer programmer Amir Soleymani has recently filed a High Court claim against non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Nifty Gateway, concerning the auction terms relating to his $650,000 third-place bid for digital artist Beeple’s “Abundance” NFT.’

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OUT-LAW.com, 26th October 2021

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New Judgment: Kabab-Ji SAL (Lebanon) v Kout Food Group (Kuwait) [2021] UKSC 48 – UKSC Blog

Posted October 28th, 2021 in appeals, arbitration, company law, food, news, Supreme Court by sally

‘The Appellant, a Lebanese company, entered into a Franchise Development Agreement with a Kuwaiti company, granting a licence to operate its restaurant franchise in Kuwait for ten years. In 2005, the company became a subsidiary of the Respondent. A dispute arose under the FDA and linked Franchise Agreements, which was referred to arbitration.’

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UKSC Blog, 27th October 2021

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A v A [2021] – The Final Piece of the Puzzle for Family Arbitration – Family Law

Posted October 4th, 2021 in arbitration, dispute resolution, families, family courts, news by tracey

‘FLiP has been a strong supporter of family arbitration as a means of resolving disputes away from the courts since family arbitration was introduced into England & Wales in February 2012. In fact, it was at FLiP that one of the first family arbitrations under the new scheme took place and, as a firm, we offer three qualified family arbitrators.

The uptake and breadth of appeal of family arbitration has turned a real corner in the past 16 or so months. The decision of A v A (Arbitration: Guidance) [2021] EWHC 1889 (Fam), published in July 2021, has clarified how family arbitration works within the family court system; it should give those considering using family arbitration full confidence in the process as a cogent alternative to litigation.’

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Family Law, 1st October 2021

Source: www.familylaw.co.uk

Arbitrators escape the red card in Manchester City case – Practical Law: Construction Blog

Posted September 23rd, 2021 in arbitration, bias, news, remuneration, sport by tracey

‘What, I hear you ask, am I doing writing about football? Well, despite the title of this blog, it’s actually about an arbitration and subsequent court proceedings that just happen to involve a football club. I think it’s interesting for a number of reasons, not least because it applies the Supreme Court’s findings in Halliburton Company v Chubb Bermuda Insurance Ltd, which I blogged about last year.’

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Practical Law: Construction Blog, 22nd September 2021

Source: constructionblog.practicallaw.com

QC arbitrators in Man City case were not “beholden” to Premier League – Legal Futures

Posted August 11th, 2021 in arbitration, barristers, bias, news, queen's counsel, sport by tracey

‘The High Court has rejected a claim by Manchester City football club that there was apparent bias on the part of three QCs sitting on a Premier League arbitration panel.’

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Legal Futures, 11th August 2021

Source: www.legalfutures.co.uk

Family arbitration : It’s arbitration, but not as we know it – Transparency Project

Posted August 2nd, 2021 in arbitration, dispute resolution, families, family courts, jurisdiction, news by sally

‘Let us start briefly with the idea of arbitration. It has been used for centuries to resolve commercial disputes. Unlike mediation, where parties must come to their own agreement which the mediator helps to facilitate, an arbitration is a contractual agreement to be bound by the decision of the arbitrator. Various schemes exist which allow commercial parties to appoint an arbitrator.’

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Transparency Project, 30th July 2021

Source: www.transparencyproject.org.uk

‘Breathing space’ on contractual disputes – Law Society’s Gazette

‘At the start of the first lockdown in March 2020, both the government and the courts made efforts to provide ‘breathing space’ for companies and stem the tide of legal action flowing out of Covid-19’s disruption to business.’

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Law Society's Gazette, 26th July 2021

Source: www.lawgazette.co.uk

Binding arbitration to settle Covid commercial rent disputes – Litigation Futures

‘The government is to introduce mandatory, binding arbitration to settle disputes between landlords and businesses struggling to pay their rent because of the pandemic.’

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Litigation Futures, 17th June 2021

Source: www.litigationfutures.com

Family Arbitration: the outlook after Haley – Family Law

‘The recent decision of the Court of Appeal in Haley v Haley [2020] EWCA Civ 1369 (case report at [2021] Fam Law 37) settled an important issue for family arbitration. It established that contested awards in the area of financial remedy could be reviewed by the Family Court by a process akin to an appeal against decisions made in court proceedings, and on the same basis as such an appeal: that the decision is “wrong”. This article assesses the significance of the decision by looking at its background and context. It sets out our understanding of the procedural implications. Finally, it identifies remaining areas of uncertainty and offers some views as to how they might be resolved.’

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Family Law, 17th June 2021

Source: www.familylaw.co.uk

Rapid arbitration at heart of new rules for digital disputes – Litigation Futures

‘Non-court-based digital dispute resolution rules designed for novel technology such as crypto-assets, smart contracts, and blockchain applications have been published today.’

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Litigation Futures, 22nd April 2021

Source: www.litigationfutures.com

Rare public judgment on s.24 application for removal of arbitrator – Littleton Chambers

Posted April 14th, 2021 in arbitration, bias, chambers articles, news, recusal, Saudi Arabia, sport by sally

‘The Commercial Court (HHJ Pelling QC) recently handed down judgment in the case of Newcastle United Football Company Limited v (1) The Football Association Premier League Limited (2) Michael Beloff QC (3) Lord Neuberger (4) Lord Dyson [2021] EWHC 349 (Comm).’

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Littleton Chambers, 16th March 2021

Source: littletonchambers.com

The role of courts at the seat of arbitration – Law Society’s Gazette

Posted April 14th, 2021 in appeals, arbitration, case management, courts, jurisdiction, news by sally

‘It is well established in international commercial arbitration that the courts at the seat of arbitration will have supervisory jurisdiction over the arbitral proceedings, including hearing any challenges to the validity of the arbitral award. In the recent case of Minister of Finance (Incorporated) and 1 Malaysia Development Berhad v International Petroleum Investment Company and Aabar Investments PJS [2019] EWCA Civ 2080, the Court of Appeal (Sir Geoffrey Vos, chancellor of the High Court, Newey and Males LLJ) considered the issue of the courts’ powers in section 67 (challenging the award: substantive jurisdiction) and section 68 (challenging the award: serious irregularity) of the Arbitration Act 1996. This article focuses on the Court of Appeal’s important discussion of the role and functions of the court at the seat of arbitration and the impact this has on the law and practice of international commercial arbitration.’

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Law Society's Gazette, 12th April 2021

Source: www.lawgazette.co.uk

Court rejects bid to remove top QC from high-profile arbitration – Litigation Futures

Posted March 11th, 2021 in arbitration, barristers, news, sport by sally

‘Football club Newcastle United has failed in its bid to remove a top QC from being an arbitrator in a dispute it is having with the Premier League (PL).’

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Litigation Futures, 10th March 2021

Source: www.litigationfutures.com

Barristers lose £6.9m fees appeal over unenforceable DBA – Law Society’s Gazette

Posted March 5th, 2021 in appeals, arbitration, barristers, damages, fees, news by tracey

‘Two barristers working on a damages-based agreement have failed in their court bid to recoup almost £7m in legal fees.’

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Law Society's Gazette, 5th March 2021

Source: www.lawgazette.co.uk