Payment in gold bullion banned under new law to combat tax evasion – The Guardian

Posted August 8th, 2017 in news, remuneration, tax evasion by sally

‘Companies will no longer be able to pay employees their salaries in gold bullion in the first use of a new law designed to combat “morally repugnant” tax avoidance schemes.’

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The Guardian, 7th August 2017


New corporate criminal offences of failure to prevent tax evasion effective from 30 September –

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‘Legislation that provides for new corporate criminal offences of failure to prevent tax evasion will have effect from 30 September this year, it has been confirmed.’

Full Story, 13th July 2017


New corporate criminal offence: what will an investigation look like? –

Posted June 6th, 2017 in crime, financial regulation, HM Revenue & Customs, news, tax evasion by tracey

‘HMRC has stepped up its criminal investigations into corporates, without waiting for the new corporate offence of failing to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion to become effective Large companies should refresh their raids and critical incident procedures in case HMRC officers appear without warning.’

Full Story, 5th June 2017


‘Failure to prevent’ offences on course for September as legislation clears parliament –

Posted May 2nd, 2017 in company law, crime prevention, legislation, news, tax evasion by sally

‘New corporate criminal offences of failing to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion are on course to be introduced in September as planned following the passage of the underlying legislation through parliament.’

Full story, 28th April 2017


Criminal Finances Bill receives Royal Assent – Home Office

‘The Criminal Finances Act 2017 will give law enforcement agencies and partners, further capabilities and powers to recover the proceeds of crime, tackle money laundering, tax evasion and corruption, and combat the financing of terrorism.’

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Home Office, 27th April 2017


The changing meaning of tax avoidance – OUP Blog

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‘There are some economic terms that are fixed and immutable. Marginal cost will always be the addition to cost from an incremental increase in output, and average cost will never be anything other than total cost divided by output. Other terms have greater fluidity and evolve over time with developments in theory and practice. For this reason, compilation of the Dictionary is never finished and definitions are never final.’

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OUP Blog, 1st March 2017


Commercial landlords may have to police illicit tobacco sales under HMRC proposals –

‘Commercial property landlords could be forced to actively inspect their properties and police tenants suspected of tobacco and other excise duty evasion under plans proposed by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), an expert has warned.’

Full story, 22nd February 2017


A Change is Coming – The Criminal Finance Bill and the Changes it will Bring to the Asset Recovery Landscape – Drystone Chambers

Posted February 21st, 2017 in bills, news, proceeds of crime, tax evasion by sally

‘Radical change to the Proceeds of Crime Act is coming. Below I summarise four of the areas of key changes to POCA 2002.’

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Dystone Chambers, 26th January 2017


‘Broad consensus’ that corporate crime laws need changing, says expert, as consultation begins –

Posted January 20th, 2017 in bills, company law, consultations, criminal responsibility, news, tax evasion by sally

‘A consultation on the need for changes to corporate crime laws should be welcomed, although there is already “broad consensus” that the current rules do not work, an expert has said.’

Full story, 19th January 2017


Government confirms civil and criminal tax investigations following ‘Panama Papers’ leaks –

Posted November 10th, 2016 in law firms, news, tax evasion by sally

‘A special taskforce set up following the ‘Panama Papers’ leaks has opened civil and criminal investigations into suspected tax fraud or financial wrongdoing by more than 30 individuals and companies, the government has announced.’

Full story, 10th November 2016


New Act –

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Finance Act 2016


Bosses could face jail for failure to prevent fraud – BBC News

Posted September 12th, 2016 in bills, employment, fraud, money laundering, news, tax evasion by sally

‘Company bosses could be prosecuted for failing to stop their staff committing fraud under new laws being considered by ministers.’

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BBC News, 12th September 2016


Tax avoidance sanctions proposals “threaten rule of law” – Legal Futures

‘Government proposals to clamp down on tax avoidance by targeting advisers with sanctions if HMRC successfully challenges a scheme further blur the line between evasion and avoidance, and “threaten the rule of law”, according to a prominent tax lawyer.’

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Legal Futures, 18th August 2016


Avoid/evade – Counsel

‘Recent news analysis of the Panama Papers, and high-profile-personality stakes in offshore funds, have turned up the heat in the tax avoid v evade debate. Kevin Prosser QC sheds light on this greyest of areas.’

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Counsel, July 2016


UK fraud costing ‘£193bn a year’, new study suggests – BBC News

Posted May 26th, 2016 in fraud, identity fraud, news, reports, statistics, tax evasion by tracey

‘The annual cost of fraud in the UK has been estimated at £193bn – equal to nearly £3,000 per head of population – according to a new report.’

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BBC News, 25th May 2016


Bill-by-bill summary: Queen’s Speech at-a-glance – BBC News

‘The Queen has announced the government’s legislation for the year ahead, at the state opening of Parliament. Here is a bill-by-bill guide to what is in the 2016 Queen’s Speech.’

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BBC News, 18th May 2016


Holocaust survivor was not a tax cheat, judge rules – Daily Telegraph

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‘A holocaust survivor, who overcame the horror of his entire family’s murder by the Nazis to make millions in Britain, has been posthumously cleared of tax evasion by a judge.’

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Daily Telegraph, 16th May 2016


UK proposes ‘sweeping changes’ to corporate liability for economic crimes –

‘The planned introduction of a new corporate criminal offence of failure to prevent fraud, money laundering and other economic crimes would have an “even bigger impact on businesses than the introduction of the Bribery Act”, a corporate crime expert has said.’

Full story, 13th May 2016


New plans to tackle corporate fraud – Ministry of Justice

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‘New proposals to crack down on “economic crimes” such as fraud and money laundering are to be considered later this year.’

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Ministry of Justice, 12th  May 2016


Regulator widens inquiry into UK firms’ links with Panama Papers tax havens – The Guardian

‘The City regulator has widened its inquiries into potential links between UK financial firms and the law company at the centre of the Panama Papers revelations, it said on Tuesday.’

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The Guardian, 26th April 2016