Furlough Fraud – The Coming Storm – 33 Bedford Row

Posted July 30th, 2020 in coronavirus, fraud, money laundering, news, remuneration, tax evasion by sally

‘On the 8th of July 2020 the first reported arrest took place in the West Midlands of a 57-year-old man suspected of “furlough fraud”. The arrest and search of his property has been reported widely in the national media. It was reported that following arrest the man had his computers, digital devices and documents seized in relation to an alleged £495,000 fraud. His bank accounts have been frozen.’

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33 Bedford Row, 27th July 2020

Source: www.33bedfordrow.co.uk

High Court ruling “shows strength of Manolete model” – Litigation Futures

‘A High Court ruling refusing to set aside £4.3m judgment in default in a suppressed sales case shows the strength of the litigation funding model used by Manolete Partners, it has been argued.’

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Litigation Futures, 5th December 2019

Source: www.litigationfutures.com

Hawala: why it is used and what family practitioners should know about it – Family Law Week

‘Byron James, Partner and Head of Expatriate Law in Dubai, explains the challenges presented to family lawyers by the effective method of anonymous international money transfer system used around the world.; why and what family practitioners should know about it.’

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Family Law Week, 20th November 2019

Source: www.familylawweek.co.uk

Discovery assessments: the Court of Appeal in Tooth – OUT-LAW.com

Posted June 24th, 2019 in appeals, documents, HM Revenue & Customs, news, tax evasion, taxation, time limits by tracey

‘The Court of Appeal decided in the Tooth case that finding a different reason for under assessment or a different mechanism for assessing an insufficiency of tax HMRC already knew about was not enough to enable HMRC to issue a discovery assessment.’

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OUT-LAW.com, 21st June 2019

Source: www.pinsentmasons.com

Tax fraud solicitor proclaims innocence as he accepts strike-off – Legal Futures

Posted April 1st, 2019 in disciplinary procedures, fraud, news, solicitors, tax evasion by sally

‘A solicitor currently in jail for his part in a fraudulent tax evasion scheme has agreed to be struck off while insisting that he did nothing more than “major English law firms” do for international clients every day.’

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Legal Futures, 1st March 2019

Source: www.legalfutures.co.uk

Where are we now with the Criminal Finance Act 2017 – The New Tax Evasion Offence – Drystone Chambers

Posted December 11th, 2018 in financial regulation, news, tax evasion by sally

‘The Criminal Finance Act 2017 introduced two new offences: some eighteen months on I consider below how it is being used. The offences were first mooted after the panama papers scandal, prompted by the then Prime Minister’s involvement in it. Due to this the offences were considered to be largely politically motivated and the practicalities of using them were not really considered. In my view they will very rarely be used, if at all, but that does not mean that companies do not have to monitor the measures they have put in place to comply with the legislation. The majority of prosecutions are going to come from self disclosures or whistle blowers, if at all.’

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Drystone Chambers, November 2018

Source: drystone.com

HMRC treating taxpayers unfairly, House of Lords report says – The Independent

Posted December 4th, 2018 in HM Revenue & Customs, news, select committees, tax avoidance, tax evasion by tracey

‘Taxpayers are being treated unfairly by HMRC, according to a new House of Lords report, which also warns that the government’s tax collection arm has become too powerful.’

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The Independent, 4th December 2018

Source: www.independent.co.uk

Tax Evasion Offences – Where Are We, A Year On? – Drystone Chambers

Posted August 9th, 2018 in news, tax evasion by sally

‘As part of the numerous reforms that the Criminal Finance Act introduced, there were two new offences created in 2017. This article will discuss where we are now; over fourteen months after the offences were brought into force. The offences were introduced as a reaction (some might say knee-jerk reaction), to the Panama papers controversy; and as such, new offences of corporate facilitation of domestic tax evasion and failure to prevent facilitation of foreign tax evasion were included in the Act. The aim is to target the facilitators and enablers of tax evasion, although this does not seem to have been put into action.’

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Drystone Chambers, July 2018

Source: drystone.com

Men jailed for Formula One tax relief scam – Crown Prosecution Service

Posted June 5th, 2018 in conspiracy, press releases, sentencing, tax evasion by tracey

‘Four men who set up a filming company to claim fraudulent tax rebates worth more than £2million from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have been sentenced today (4 June).’

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Crown Prosecution Service, 4th June 2018

Source: www.cps.gov.uk

Information exchanges driving up serious tax evasion cases – OUT-LAW.com

‘The number of serious tax evasion cases identified by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) increased by over one fifth last year, as HMRC has begun to receive more information about taxpayers with offshore bank accounts.’

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OUT-LAW.com, 30th May 2018

Source: www.out-law.com

Bribery conviction could indicate hard line on new tax evasion offence – OUT-LAW.com

Posted April 27th, 2018 in bribery, company directors, news, tax evasion by tracey

‘The conviction of a company and the jailing of two former company directors for offences under the UK Bribery Act should serve as a warning to businesses over a new tax evasion corporate offence, according to a tax law expert.’

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OUT-LAW.com, 27th April 2018

Source: www.out-law.com

UN urged to launch global effort to end offshore tax evasion – The Guardian

Posted January 31st, 2018 in news, tax evasion, United Nations by sally

‘The United Nations has been urged by the Tax Justice Network to coordinate a global effort to end offshore tax evasion and corruption, amid warnings that the UK is continuing to insulate its overseas territories from financial transparency.’

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The Guardian, 30th January 2018

Source: www.theguardian.com

Appeal court rejects convicted VAT fraudster’s claim that solicitor forced her to drop appeal – Legal Futures

Posted December 19th, 2017 in appeals, fraud, law firms, news, solicitors, tax evasion, VAT by sally

‘The Court of Appeal has rejected the arguments of a convicted VAT fraudster that her former solicitors pressured her to drop an appeal that included a claim that they represented her badly and helped land her in jail.’

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Legal Futures, 19th December 2017

Source: www.legalfutures.co.uk

Businessman jailed for tax evasion and benefit fraud – Crown Prosecution Service

Posted December 5th, 2017 in benefits, fraud, press releases, sentencing, social security, tax evasion by tracey

‘A bar and garage owner who fraudulently avoided more than £340,000 in tax and national insurance by failing to register the premises has been jailed for four years.’

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Crown Prosecution Service, 4th December 2017

Source: www.cps.gov.uk

Bitcoin: UK and EU plan crackdown amid crime and tax evasion fears – The Guardian

Posted December 4th, 2017 in EC law, electronic commerce, internet, money laundering, news, tax evasion by sally

‘The UK and other EU governments are planning a crackdown on bitcoin amid growing concerns that the digital currency is being used for money laundering and tax evasion.’

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The Guardian, 4th December 2017

Source: www.theguardian.com

When tax advice strays from planning to avoidance and evasion – Hardwicke Chambers

Posted November 23rd, 2017 in financial advice, news, tax avoidance, tax evasion by sally

‘With the tax affairs of so many VIPs once more in the headlines, Andrew Reid and James Hall consider what claims can be brought against the original advisers and what might be done to avoid that happening.’

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Hardwicke Chambers, 10th November 2017

Source: www.hardwicke.co.uk

Tax Evasion – As the Government ‘Cry Wolf’, is it Anything More Than a Hollow Complaint? – Drystone Chambers

Posted October 20th, 2017 in fraud, news, tax evasion by sally

‘As recently reported in the Times on 14th September 2017 under the headline ‘Amazon in £1.5bn tax fraud row’, HMRC has claimed that Amazon and eBay (among others) have failed to co-operate in fully tackling a multi-billion pound fraud. The article comes after a series of hearings in front of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (‘PAC’).’

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Drystone Chambers, 9th October 2017

Source: drystone.com

Tax evasion facilitation prevention – The Future of Law

Posted September 18th, 2017 in crime prevention, HM Revenue & Customs, law firms, legislation, news, tax evasion by tracey

‘From 30 September 2017, if someone in your firm facilitates tax evasion and you don’t have reasonable prevention procedures, you could be faced with unlimited fines, not to mention reputational damage.’

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The Future of Law, 15th September 2017

Source: blogs.lexisnexis.co.uk

Payment in gold bullion banned under new law to combat tax evasion – The Guardian

Posted August 8th, 2017 in news, remuneration, tax evasion by sally

‘Companies will no longer be able to pay employees their salaries in gold bullion in the first use of a new law designed to combat “morally repugnant” tax avoidance schemes.’

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The Guardian, 7th August 2017

Source: www.theguardian.com

New corporate criminal offences of failure to prevent tax evasion effective from 30 September – OUT-LAW.com

Posted July 13th, 2017 in company law, crime, news, partnerships, regulations, tax evasion by tracey

‘Legislation that provides for new corporate criminal offences of failure to prevent tax evasion will have effect from 30 September this year, it has been confirmed.’

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OUT-LAW.com, 13th July 2017

Source: www.out-law.com