Regina (The Infant and Dietetic Foods Association Ltd) v Secretary of State for Health – WLR Daily

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Regina (The Infant and Dietetic Foods Association Ltd) v Secretary of State for Health; WLR (D) 68

“The reference to ‘products’ in art 18 of the Commission Directive 2006/141/EC on Infant Formulae and Follow-on Formulae was not limited to the compositional elements of the formulae but also covered packaging and labelling, with the result that the prohibition on trade in products which did not comply with the Directive was to have effect from 31 December 2009.”

WLR Daily, 3rd March 2008


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Families hit by E coli outbreak may bring case against butcher – The Guardian

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“Families of children who became ill during an outbreak of E coli that affected 150 people, mainly children, and claimed the life of one boy could take legal action against the butcher blamed for the crisis, a public inquiry heard yesterday.”

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The Guardian, 13th February 2008


Cadbury faces ‘unlimited’ fine in outbreak case – The Times

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“Cadbury Schweppes will attempt this morning to temper a potential million-pound fine set to be levied upon the drinks and confectionery group as the case against the company for causing a national outbreak of salmonella reaches its conclusion.”

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The Times, 16th July 2007


Cadbury to face court over salmonella in chocolate – The Guardian

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“Confectionery giant Cadbury is to be prosecuted for producing and selling ‘unsafe’ chocolate contaminated with salmonella and unfit for human consumption last year, it was confirmed yesterday.”

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The Guardian, 24th April 2007