Chugai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd v UCB Pharma SA and another; Chugai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd v UCB Biopharma SPRL – WLR Daily

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Chugai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd v UCB Pharma SA and another; Chugai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd v UCB Biopharma SPRL [2017] EWHC 1216 (Pat)

‘The first defendant in the first of two claims entered into a licence with the claimant in respect of a portfolio of patents, including a US patent, concerning tocilizumab, an immunosuppressive drug. The claimant sought, inter alia, a declaration that it was not obliged to continue to pay royalties under the licence in respect of its tocilizumab products. The defendants alleged that, although framed as a claim for a declaration relating to a contract, a part of the proceedings, in substance, concerned not only the scope but also the validity of the US patent. Accordingly, consideration of the claim would infringe the territorial limits of the courts jurisdictional powers and constitute an affront to comity (“the Moçambique rule”) and/or the foreign act of state doctrine, which militated against the English court determining issues relating to sovereign acts of a foreign state.’

WLR Daily, 26th May 2017


Court of Appeal confirms right of Gambling Commission to veto gambling in pubs –

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‘The Gambling Commission in Britain can prevent pubs from providing gambling services to consumers even if those pubs satisfy the criteria necessary for obtaining an operating licence, the Court of Appeal in London has confirmed.’

Full Story, 26th May 2017


Landlords found guilty after housing 31 people in four-bed home – Local Government Lawyer

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‘Three family members who received £112,000 a year by housing 31 people into a four-bedroom home in Wembley, have been found guilty of breaching landlord licensing rules.’

Full story

Local Government Lawyer, 24th May 2017


Uber faces legal threat from union over London licence – The Guardian

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‘Uber has come under further pressure in London after a union threatened legal action if the capital’s transport authority renews the taxi app’s licence without guaranteeing more rights for drivers.’

Full story

The Guardian, 16th May 2017


Revised ‘section 182’ guidance issued to help curb illegal working at licensed premises –

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‘The UK government has issued new guidance to help local authorities meet duties to check that people selling alcohol in licensed premises in England and Wales are entitled to work in the country.’

Full story, 11th April 2017


Immigration checks now required for grant of premises licences – Local Government Lawyer

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‘New powers to prevent illegal working in premises that sell alcohol or provide late night refreshment have come into force in England and Wales.’

Full story

Local Government Lawyer, 10th April 2017


New powers to tackle illegal working in licensed premises – Home Office

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‘New powers to prevent illegal working in premises that sell alcohol or provide late night refreshment have come into force in England and Wales today.’

Full press release

Home Office, 6th April 2017


Licensing Act review committee calls for ‘radical comprehensive overhaul’ –

‘Licensing laws in England and Wales should be changed to give local planning authorities responsibility for determining the rights of businesses to sell alcohol on their premises, according to a House of Lords committee.’

Full story, 4th April 2017


UK should follow minimum alcohol price, say Lords – BBC News

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‘Minimum unit pricing for alcohol should be rolled out across the UK if Scotland’s scheme is successful, a Lords committee says.’

Full story

BBC News, 4th April 2017


Drivers given taxi licences despite criminal convictions – BBC News

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‘Hundreds of taxi drivers have been granted licences despite declaring criminal convictions for sex offences, burglary and assault, figures show.’

Full story

BBC News, 31st March 2017


Schemes allowing barristers to receive instructions without solicitors are working well, BSB’s latest review finds – Bar Standards Board

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‘The Bar Standards Board (BSB) has today published the results of a review into the Public and Licensed Access schemes. These schemes allow members of the public and other lay clients to instruct barristers directly without first instructing a solicitor or other intermediary.’

Full report

Bar Standards Board, 15th March 2017


UK medicines regulator says it is ‘completely impossible’ to control illegal online pharmacies – The Independent

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‘It is “completely impossible” to control the vast numbers of unlicensed pharmacies illegally selling drugs online, the British medical regulatory agency has warned.’

Full story

The Independent, 12th March 2017


Canals and Article 8 – again – UK Human Rights Blog

‘In recent years, the Courts have come up with a pragmatic resolution to the clash of property and Article 8 rights which typically occur in housing cases. Where the tenant is trying to use Art.8 to fend off a possession order, because he is in breach of some term of the tenancy, then the Courts, here and in Strasbourg, have resolved the issue in the favour of the local authority, save in exceptional circumstances.’

Full story

UK Human Rights Blog, 10th March 2017


Uber loses legal test case over language – BBC News

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‘Uber has lost its attempt to prevent its drivers being forced to take English language tests.’

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BBC News, 3rd March 2017


BBC orders urgent investigation into behaviour of TV licence fee collectors amid allegations of underhand tactics – Daily Telegraph

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‘The BBC has ordered an urgent investigation into the behaviour of television licence fee collectors amid allegations they are using underhand tactics and aggressive incentive schemes to catch evaders.’

Full story

Daily Telegraph, 27th February 2017


How laws are putting strippers in greater danger – The Independent

Posted February 22nd, 2017 in employment, licensing, news, sex establishments, women by sally

‘Members of the East London Strippers Collective campaign group have seen the rise and fall of the ‘bonaza era’ of exotic dancing, and they say women are the ones suffering.’

Full story

The Independent, 21st February 2017


Watts v Stewart – leases and licences revisited – Hardwicke Chambers

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‘On 29th September 2004 the Trustees of the Ashtead United Charity allocated Mrs Janet Watts accommodation in an almshouse, in fact one of 14 residential flats the Charity owned at Ashstead in Surrey. In May 2015 they issued proceedings for possession based on the allegations that Mrs Watts had acted in an anti-social manner, swearing, spitting, and aggression. This was a breach of the terms of the Appointments Letter under which she was allocated the property. At the first directions hearing the District Judge ordered a trial of the issue of whether Mrs Watts occupied as a licensee of the Charity or a tenant. If the former of course it would be relatively easy for the Charity to evict her; if the latter, much less so.’

Full story

Hardwicke Chambers, 18th January 2017


When is relief from forfeiture available? – Tanfield Chambers

Posted February 17th, 2017 in canals, estoppel, forfeiture, licensing, news, water by sally

‘Property analysis: Is relief from forfeiture only available to claimants with proprietary or possessory rights? Barrister Robert Bowker, of Tanfield Chambers, considers the recent High Court decision in General Motors UK v Manchester Ship Canal Company.’

Full story

Tanfield Chambers, 26th January 2017


Tough new laws will ban the sale of puppies under eight weeks old – Daily Telegraph

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‘The sale of puppies under eight weeks old is to be made illegal under plans to crack down on so-called backstreet breeders and puppy farms.’

Full story

Daily Telegraph, 2nd February 2017


Sentencing changes may raise speeding fines but relax TV licence penalty – The Guardian

‘Motorists convicted of speeding will face higher fines related to their income while people who fail to pay their TV licences could avoid financial penalties in future, under new sentencing guidelines introduced for magistrates.’

Full story

The Guardian, 24th January 2017