Police dog Finn stabbing: Boy, 16, found guilty – BBC News

Posted May 12th, 2017 in assault, criminal damage, dogs, news, offensive weapons, police, young offenders by sally

‘A teenage boy has been found guilty of stabbing a police dog and wounding his handler during a chase’

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BBC News, 11th May 2017

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Man jailed for shooting cats in Surrey – The Guardian

Posted February 20th, 2017 in animals, criminal damage, fines, firearms, news, sentencing by sally

‘A man has been jailed over a shooting spree that led to one cat’s death and left six others injured.’

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The Guardian, 17th February 2017

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Farmer dumps muck outside court in protest at justice system – Daily Telegraph,

Posted January 18th, 2017 in criminal damage, demonstrations, news, Solicitors Regulation Authority by sally

‘A wealthy farmer dumped a lorry load of muck outside a crown court on Tuesday in protest at the “severely flawed” justice system which he claimed left him thousands of pounds out of pocket.’

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Daily Telegraph, 17th January 2017

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Actor who played The Omen’s Damien sentenced on Friday 13th for road rage – The Guardian

‘The actor who played Damien Thorn in the 1970s horror film The Omen punched two cyclists in a road-rage attack and has been given a suspended prison sentence – on Friday the 13th.’

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The Guardian, 13th January 2017

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Two men jailed for throwing firework into east London care home – The Guardian

Posted December 16th, 2016 in arson, criminal damage, news, sentencing by tracey

‘Two men who threw a firework into a care home, leaving a resident with life-changing injuries, have been jailed.’

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The Guardian, 15th December 2016

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Police animals do not need to be given same legal status as officers injured on duty, Government suggests – Daily Telegraph

Posted November 14th, 2016 in animals, criminal damage, news, parliament, police by tracey

‘Police animals do not necessarily need to be given the same legal status as officers who are injured on duty, the Government has suggested ahead of a parliamentary debate on the issue on Monday.’

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Daily Telegraph, 13th November 2016

Source; www.telegraph.co.uk

Car-punching man Michael McCabe jailed – BBC News

Posted September 2nd, 2016 in criminal damage, news, sentencing by sally

‘A man who was filmed jumping on to a moving car and punching its windscreen has been jailed for nine weeks.’

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BBC News, 1st September 2016

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Retired company director fined and reprimanded for destroying his own mother’s grave – Daily Telegraph

‘A retired company director has paid £4,500 in costs after being reprimanded by a judge for vandalising his own mother’s gravestone with a hammer.’

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Daily Telegraph, 26th June 2016

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Jilted bride-to-be smashed up ex-fiancé’s car after he refused to pay for her unworn wedding dress – Daily Telegraph

‘A jilted bride-to-be smashed her ex-fiance’s car with a hammer after he refused to pay for the wedding dress she never had the chance to wear.’

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Daily Telegraph, 6th June 2016

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Reading the Riot Act: the future of riot damage compensation – Halsbury’s Law Exchange

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‘“If you carry on doing that I’ll read you the Riot Act!” So might a hapless parent or teacher plead to their unruly charges. But the real Riot Act 1714 (removed only in 1973 by the Statute Law (Repeals) Act of that year) meant business. For, if more than 12 people “unlawfully, riotously, and tumultuously assembled together”, it allowed a justice of the peace (or other specified local official) to command the assembly to disperse and within an hour “peaceably to depart to their habitations or to their lawful business”. If not they were liable to “suffer death” as felons.’

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Halsbury’s Law Exchange, 25th May 2016

Source: www.halsburyslawexchange.co.uk

Man sentenced for controlling or coercive behaviour – Crown Prosecution Service

‘Sam Williams has been sentenced for offences including controlling or coercive behaviour’

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Crown Prosecution Service, 27th April 2016

Source: www.cps.gov.uk

Woman jailed after sexually assaulting taxi driver – The Independent

Posted April 13th, 2016 in assault, criminal damage, news, prostitution, sentencing, sexual offences, taxis by sally

‘A woman has been jailed after she sexually assaulted a male taxi driver in an attempt to avoid paying £26.50 for the journey.’

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The Independent, 12th April 2016

Source: www.independent.co.uk

Apple under pressure as lawyers pledge action over ‘Error 53’ codes – The Guardian

‘Apple has come under pressure to scrap its controversial policy of permanently disabling repaired iPhone 6s when software is upgraded, following a global consumer backlash and claims the company could be acting illegally.’

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The Guardian, 8th February 2016

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Tyre slashing was criminal damage but not antisemitic attack, jury decides – The Guardian

Posted November 30th, 2015 in criminal damage, Judaism, news, religiously aggravated offences, sentencing by sally

‘Leaders of one of the UK’s largest Jewish communities have welcomed the conviction of a man over a wave of criminal damage incidents involving cars in north-east London last year.’

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The Guardian, 27th November 2015

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Rickshaw driver in Westminster standoff spared further jail – The Guardian

Posted September 2nd, 2015 in criminal damage, mental health, news, parliament, public order, sentencing, trespass by sally

‘A rickshaw driver who caused £5,500 of damage to the Houses of Parliament during an overnight rooftop standoff has been spared further time in custody after admitting criminal damage and trespassing.’

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The Guardian, 1st September 2015

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Lindsay Lohan fan faces jail for harassing celebrity haunt booking manager – Daily Telegraph

Posted June 2nd, 2015 in criminal damage, harassment, news, stalking by sally

‘Daniel Voderwulbecke, who was cleared of stalking Lindsay Lohan, is convicted of harassing a bookings manager at the Chiltern Firehouse.’

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Daily Telegraph, 29th May 2015

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Whether charities liable for damage caused by protesters depends on factual connections, says expert – OUT-LAW.com

Posted March 11th, 2015 in charities, criminal damage, fisheries, news, Supreme Court by tracey

‘Companies can find themselves the subject of protests which cause costly damage, but can they sue protesters? The Supreme Court has laid out some of the logic it would use to rule on a claim, though it did not find a charity liable in this case.’

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OUT-LAW.com, 9th March 2015

Source: www.out-law.com

Regina v Akhtar (Itzaz) – WLR Daily

Regina v Akhtar (Itzaz) [2015] EWCA Crim 176; [2015] WLR (D) 91

‘Where a jury brought in a guilty verdict on one count but were unable to agree on another count, a retrial on that other count was not an abuse of process unless the two counts were true alternatives in that they were mutually exclusive alternatives.’

WLR Daily, 26th February 2015

Source: www.iclr.co.uk

Bristol activist jailed for two years for targeting police cars with tyre spikes – The Guardian

Posted February 25th, 2015 in appeals, criminal damage, news, nuisance, police, road traffic, sentencing by sally

‘An environmental activist has been jailed for two years for putting the lives of police officers in danger by targeting patrol cars with homemade tyre-deflation spikes to “give them a taste of their own medicine”.’

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The Guardian, 24th February 2015

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

The unkindest cut: Criminal record for elderly neighbours who cut back man’s clematis – The Independent

Posted January 15th, 2015 in conditional discharge, costs, criminal damage, elderly, news by sally

‘Two pensioners in their 80s have been convicted of criminal damage after deliberately cutting back their neighbour’s clematis with secateurs against her wishes.’

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The Independent, 14th January 2015

Source: www.independent.co.uk