IIG Capital llc v Van der Merwe – Times Law Reports

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IIG Capital llc v Van der Merwe

Court of Appeal

“Where shareholders of a company over which they had complete control borrowed money for the business, the question whether they guaranteed to repay the loan as principal or as secondary obligors had to be assessed in that context.”

The Times, 25th June 2008

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EAT explains when company owners are employees – OUT-LAW.com

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“The owners or controllers of a business can also enjoy protection as employees. The conditions that must be satisfied before such protection exists have now been clarified in a new ruling from the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT).”

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OUT-LAW.com, 5th March 2008

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Government postpones company law reforms until October 2009 – OUT-LAW.com

Posted November 9th, 2007 in company law, news by sally

“The date when significant parts of the Companies Act come into force has been put back a year. It will now be 1st October 2009 instead of 1st October 2008, according to the UK Government.”

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OUT-LAW.com, 7th November 2007

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Government delays Companies Act – The Times

Posted November 8th, 2007 in company law, news by sally

“The Government has delayed the introduction of some of the remaining provisions of the Companies Act 2006, a wide-ranging overhaul of UK company law, it was announced today (7 November).”

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The Times, 7th November 2007

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Investor protest as ‘simplified’ company law prevents free votes at AGM – The Times

Posted November 6th, 2007 in company law, news by sally

“Britain’s biggest investors have written to the Government to demand changes to the new Companies Act, which they say prevents them from taking action over unsatisfactory behaviour by businesses.”

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The Times, 6th November 2007

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The Companies Act: the longest piece of legislation ever – The Times

Posted September 26th, 2007 in company law, news by sally

“The Government’s aim is to simplify company law and make it easier to understand, especially for small businesses – yet it is the longest piece of legislation passed by Parliament since it was established by Oliver Cromwell in the 17th century. Eight years in the making, the Act runs to 1,300 sections and 701 pages.”

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The Times, 25th September 2007

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The Companies Act: timetable for introduction – The Times

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“A number of parts of the Act are already in force. Put on the statute book on November 8, 2006, it is being introduced in stages over two years. The Government intends that it will be fully in force by October 2008.”

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The Times, 25th September 2007

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Companies Act under threat from European Commission – OUT-LAW.com

Posted July 13th, 2007 in company law, EC law, news by sally

“The European Commission has proposed simplifying the law governing businesses in Europe just months after large parts of the UK’s new Companies Act came into force.”

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OUT-LAW.com, 12th July 2007

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Companies Act 2006 – Derivative Claims – Ministry of Justice

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“The Companies Act 2006 (“the Act”), which received Royal Assent on 8 November 2006, has, amongst other things, made changes to the substantive law on derivative claims. In order to support the changes it has been necessary to amend the rules of court.”

Companes Act 2006 – derivative claims

Source: www.justice.gov.uk

DTI: we need more legal input into Companies Act – Legal Week

Posted May 17th, 2007 in company law, legal profession, news by sally

“The Government has sounded a last-minute rallying call to lawyers in the UK in the bid to encourage the legal profession to engage with its consultation on the Companies Act.”

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Legal Week, 17th May 2007

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