‘Completely Inappropriate’: Raise Age Of Digital Consent To 16, MPs Say – Rights Info

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‘The age at which children can legally consent to having their personal data processed by tech companies should be raised from 13 to 16, MPs have urged.’

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Rights Info, 5th November 2019

Source: rightsinfo.org

Child Marriage Survivors Say UK Law Legitimises ‘Terrible’ Abuse – Rights Info

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‘When Zee was 13, she returned from school one day to find an engagement party under way at her home in northern England, but her excitement at the celebrations quickly turned to shock.’

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Rights Info, 2nd November 2018

Source: rightsinfo.org

Parents set to lose right to veto sex education at age 15 – BBC News

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‘The government plans to let 15-year-olds overrule their parents’ wishes and opt in to sex education lessons they have previously been withdrawn from.’

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BBC News, 19th July 2018

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Age of consent for athlete-coach relationships to rise to 18, says sports minister Tracey Crouch – The Independent

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‘Sexual relationships between sports coaches and 16- and 17-year-olds in their care will be made illegal, the sports minister Tracey Crouch has revealed.’

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The Independent, 16th November 2017

Source: www.independent.co.uk

Age limits on drinking, having sex, getting married and being arrested – BBC News

‘Young people get a number of personal freedoms when they turn 16 in some parts of the UK, but they may have to wait another 24 months to gain other rights.’

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BBC News, 4th July 2017

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Sex and the selfie generation – Halsbury’s Law Exchange

‘It is not just people that struggle to keep up with technology, but the law itself often lags behind. We have seen that on numerous occasions with the “Twitter prosecutions”, and had another example of that this week, when the Daily Mirror highlighted the story of “Alison” and “’Peter” (both pseudonyms) a couple aged 17 and 22 respectively.’

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Halsbury’s Law Exchange, 19th May 2015

Source: www.halsburyslawexchange.co.uk

Professionals blamed Oxfordshire girls for their sexual abuse, report finds – The Guardian

‘Police and social workers in Oxfordshire had a tainted perception that girls as young as 11 consented to sex with men who raped and brutalised them, an independent report into the failure to stop their exploitation has said.’

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The Guardian, 3rd March 2015

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

“With this diode, I thee wed”: Marrying robots and what this tells us about 21st century marriage – Family Law Week

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‘Janet Bettle, Barrister, Trinity Chambers, Chelmsford and Jonathan Herring, Professor of Law, Exeter College, University of Oxford examine the nature of marriage and how it may evolve.’

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Family Law Week, 25th March 2014

Source: www.familylawweek.co.uk

No 10 rejects call to lower age of consent – The Guardian

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“Downing Street and Nick Clegg have joined forces to reject a call by a leading public health official to consider lowering the age of consent to 15.”

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The Guardian, 17th November 2013

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

R v Brown (Appellant) (Northern Ireland) – Supreme Court

R v Brown (Appellant) (Northern Ireland) [2013] UKSC 43 | UKSC 2011/0233 (YouTube)

Supreme Court, 26th June 2013

Source: www.youtube.com/user/UKSupremeCourt

Age of consent should be 13, says barrister – BBC News

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“A prominent barrister specialising in reproductive rights has called for the age
of consent to be lowered to 13.”

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BBC News, 8th May 2013

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Strict liability for offence of under-age sex does not offend presumption of innocence – UK Human Rights Blog

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“The Strasbourg Court has rejected as manifestly ill-founded a complaint that the offence of strict liability for rape of a child under 13 violated the right to a presumption if innocence under Article 6 and respect for private life under Article 8.”

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UK Human Rights Blog, 28th September 2011

Source: www.ukhumanrightsblog.com

Men may not be able to blame alcohol for underage sex – The Times

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“Drinking alcohol does not affect a man’s ability to guess whether a young girl is under the age of consent, according to a study with implications for cases of underage sex.”

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The Times, 20th April 2009

Source: www.timesonline.co.uk

Attorney-General’s Reference (Nos 74 and 83 of 2007) (Simon Foster and Keith Fenn) – Times Law Reports

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Attorney-General’s Reference (Nos 74 and 83 of 2007) (Simon Foster and Keith Fenn)

Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)

“A child under 13 could not give consent in law to any sexual activity.”

The Times, 16th November 2007

Source: www.timesonline.co.uk

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