HMRC seizes assets from almost 3,000 businesses as government ramps up pressure on late tax payment – The Independent

Posted October 15th, 2018 in assets recovery, debts, HM Revenue & Customs, news, repayment, statistics, taxation by tracey

‘HM Revenue and Customs seized assets from 2,833 businesses last year as the government ramps up pressure on firms not paying tax on time. The number of firms facing asset seizures jumped 45 per cent from 2016/17 and has increased more than fourfold since 2014/15.’

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The Independent, 15th October 2018


Case Comment: Commissioners for HMRC v Taylor Clark Leisure Plc (Scotland) [2018] UKSC 35 – UKSC Blog

Posted October 3rd, 2018 in appeals, interpretation, news, Supreme Court, taxation, VAT by sally

‘This case revolves around Carlton Clubs Ltd’s (“Carlton”) claims for repayment of overpaid VAT following the change in VAT treatment of income generated from bingo and gaming machines.’

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UKSC Blog, 1st October 2018


Man deemed security threat over tax error faces homelessness – The Guardian

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‘The family of an engineer who trained Ministry of Defence engineers is being made homeless because the Home Office has still not completed a review of a controversial immigration policy it promised to report on by July.’

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The Guardian, 27th September 2018


Win for open justice as tax tribunal allows non-party access to HMRC pleadings – Litigation Futures

Posted September 12th, 2018 in news, taxation, third parties, tribunals by tracey

‘The First-tier Tribunal (FTT) has “inherent jurisdiction” to give non-parties access to documents, its tax chamber has ruled in allowing KPMG to see documents from another case involving HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).’

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Litigation Futures, 12th September 2018


Court says seriously ill woman can work while fighting UK deportation – The Guardian

Posted August 22nd, 2018 in health, immigration, news, taxation, terrorism, visas by sally

‘Economic migrants forced into destitution by a law forbidding them to work, rent property or use the NHS have been handed a lifeline after a “David and Goliath” battle in the court of appeal.’

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The Guardian, 21st August 2018


Relaxing vaping laws would cut smoking deaths, say MPs – The Guardian

Posted August 17th, 2018 in health, news, select committees, smoking, taxation by sally

‘The government is missing an important opportunity to cut deaths from smoking, says a committee of MPs who are calling for a cut in the tax on e-cigarettes. They are also urging the government to allow more advertising and to rethink the ban on vaping on buses, trains and in other public places.’

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The Guardian, 17th August 2018


Tribunal allows capital allowances claim on hydro-electric scheme –

Posted August 16th, 2018 in energy, news, taxation, tribunals by sally

‘Capital allowances were available on part of the expenditure incurred by energy company SSE on a hydro-electric scheme, the UK’s First-tier tax tribunal has decided.’

Full Story, 15th August 2018


HMRC seeking ‘unprecedented’ information request powers –

‘HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the UK is seeking “unprecedented” powers to obtain information about taxpayers without independent oversight from the tax tribunal, a tax expert has said.’

Full Story, 12th July 2018


Family’s £15k debt from fight against Section 322(5) immigration rule – BBC News

Posted June 21st, 2018 in debts, deportation, immigration, news, passports, taxation by tracey

‘A family say they have been left £15,000 in debt, without passports and unable to register their son as British because of the Home Office’s actions. The Bristol couple are among 1,000 highly-skilled migrants said to be facing deportation because of how the government has applied immigration law. Home Secretary Sajid Javid has ordered a review into use of Section 322(5).’

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BBC News, 21st June 2018


MPs condemn Home Office deportation threats over taxes – The Guardian

Posted June 14th, 2018 in deportation, mistake, news, parliament, taxation, terrorism by tracey

‘Caroline Nokes, the immigration minister, has been accused by MPs of either not having a grip on her department or being recklessly incompetent for allowing the use of counter-terrorism powers to force the removal of highly skilled migrants from the UK over their taxes.’

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The Guardian, 13th June 2018


Compensation for injury to feelings is not taxable, says Court of Appeal –

Posted May 9th, 2018 in age discrimination, compensation, dismissal, news, taxation by tracey

‘A termination payment made to an employee for “injury to feelings” following age discrimination related to his dismissal is not taxable, the Court of Appeal has said in a ruling which overturns a decision by the Upper Tribunal.’

Full Story, 4th May 2018


UK makes changes to international tax treaty notifications –

Posted April 20th, 2018 in news, taxation, treaties by sally

‘The UK has announced a number of modifications to the provisional list of “reservations and notifications” related to the entry into force of the multilateral instrument (MLI) on international tax treaty related measures.’

Full Story, 18th April 2018


Tribunal: journalist entitled to obtain tax appeal documentation –

Posted April 16th, 2018 in disclosure, documents, media, news, public interest, reporting restrictions, taxation by tracey

‘A journalist should generally be entitled to obtain copies of documentation lodged with the tribunal as part of a tax appeal, including the grounds of appeal and the response of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the Upper Tribunal (UT) has ruled.’

Full Story, 13th April 2018


First virtual court case held using claimant’s laptop camera – The Guardian

Posted March 26th, 2018 in appeals, courts, news, pilot schemes, taxation by tracey

‘The first virtual court case has been held with a claimant appearing via a home laptop camera, while an extremely patient judge sat in a London tribunal and lawyers presented evidence from Belfast.’

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The Guardian, 26th March 2018


Tax tribunal rules digital newspapers should be subject to VAT –

Posted March 20th, 2018 in internet, media, news, taxation, tribunals, VAT by sally

‘A UK tax tribunal has ruled that digital versions of daily newspapers should be subject to VAT, unlike printed editions containing the same content.’

Full Story, 19th March 2018


Case Preview: Project Blue Ltd v HMRC – UK Supreme Court Blog

Posted March 15th, 2018 in appeals, HM Revenue & Customs, news, tax avoidance, taxation by tracey

‘Steven Sieff, consultant in the tax team at CMS, offers a preview of the decision awaited in Project Blue Ltd v Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.’

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UK Supreme Court Blog , 13th March 2018


UK government considers statutory test of employment status for tax –

Posted February 14th, 2018 in employment, news, self-employment, taxation by michael

“A statutory test of employment status for tax purposes is being considered by the UK government, which is asking for views in a consultation document.”

Full Story, 12th February 2018


New Acts –

Posted February 12th, 2018 in armed forces, flexible working, legislation, taxation, telecommunications by tracey

Telecommunications Infrastructure (Relief from Non-Domestic Rates) Act 2018

Armed Forces (Flexible Working) Act 2018


High Court: legal privilege can apply to internal investigations on the right set of facts –

Posted February 5th, 2018 in corruption, investigatory powers, news, privilege, taxation by sally

‘The High Court has confirmed that legal privilege can apply to investigations on the right set of facts, restoring some certainty to a position that has been up for debate since May 2017.’

Full Story, 5th February 2018


Statutory interest paid by a company in administration must have tax deducted, says Court of Appeal –

Posted January 8th, 2018 in appeals, banking, corporation tax, insolvency, interest, news, taxation by sally

‘Statutory interest paid by a company in administration on a surplus is ‘yearly interest’ for UK tax purposes and must therefore be paid after deduction of basic rate tax, the Court of Appeal has decided, overturning a previous decision of the High Court.’

Full Story, 5th January 2018