Charity served with monetary penalty notice – Panopticon

Posted October 11th, 2012 in charities, data protection, fines, news, penalties, social services by sally

“Today (10 October), the Commissioner served – for the first time – a monetary penalty notice on a charity. The charity in question, Norwood Ravenswood Ltd, is a social care charity. One of its social workers had attempted to deliver to the home of prospective adopters certain background reports containing highly confidential sensitive personal data on four young children. Finding the couple out, and unable to fit the package through the letterbox, the social worker left the package in a concealed area at the side of the house. When the prospective adopters returned home, the package had disappeared. It was never recovered.”

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Panopticon, 10th October 2012


Victims to pick offenders’ punishment, Home Secretary says – Daily Telegraph

Posted October 9th, 2012 in crime, news, penalties, restorative justice, victims by sally

“Victims of crime will be able to decide how offenders are punished, under new proposals outlined by Home Secretary Theresa May today.”

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Daily Telegraph, 9th October 2012


Treasury Committee suggests higher fines and criminal sanctions for LIBOR manipulation –

Posted August 21st, 2012 in banking, financial regulation, fines, news, penalties, reports, select committees by sally

“Higher fines for firms that fail to co-operate with regulators and potential criminal sanctions for benchmark manipulation have been suggested by the Treasury Select Committee in a report responding to alleged manipulation of market rates by major banks.”

Full story, 21st August 2012


New video games age-rating regime comes into force –

Posted July 30th, 2012 in children, consumer protection, news, penalties, video games by sally

“Retailers that supply age-rated video games to children who are below the specified age could face up to six months in jail and a £5,000 fine under a new age classification regime in operation in the UK.”

Full story, 30th July 2012


Speedy copyright law change process is extended to regulations carrying 10 year jail term –

Posted July 20th, 2012 in copyright, news, parliament, penalties, regulations by tracey

“It will be possible to use a speeded up Parliamentary approval process for changing parts of copyright law that carry penalties of up to 10 years in jail under a proposed new law, the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has said.”

Full story, 19th July 2012


Tribunals could be able to order companies guilty of “systemic discrimination” to carry out equal pay audits –

“Employment tribunals will be able to order companies who lose sex discrimination cases to disclose the gap in pay between their male and female employees under plans announced by the Equalities Minister.”

Full story, 18th June 2012


Fixed penalty fines for traffic offences could rise 50% to £90 – The Guardian

Posted June 15th, 2012 in fines, news, penalties, road traffic offences by sally

“Fines for breaking the rules of the road could be increased from £60 to £90 under government plans that have been sent out for consultation.”

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The Guardian, 14th June 2012


Upheld football creditors’ rule “becoming increasingly outdated”, expert says –

Posted May 28th, 2012 in debts, insolvency, news, penalties, sport by sally

“The controversial rule allowing the Football League and Premier League to insist that football players, managers and other clubs get paid before other creditors if a football club enters administration will ‘likely become an irrelevance’ as penalties against insolvent teams become more sophisticated, according to an expert.”

Full story, 28th May 2012


New law ‘to halt scrap metal trade’ after church and memorial thefts

Posted May 28th, 2012 in bills, monuments, news, penalties, theft by sally

“A new law to stop the trade in scrap metal stolen from churches, war memorials and railways is likely to be introduced by the Coalition.”

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Daily Telegraph, 27th May 2012


Almost 1,000 data offences recorded at DWP in 10 month period –

Posted May 22nd, 2012 in data protection, government departments, news, penalties by sally

“Staff at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) were disciplined a total of 992 times for unlawfully or inappropriately accessing individuals’ social security records between April 2011 and January this year.”

Full story, 22nd May 2012


New tool to tackle economic crime – Attorney General’s Office

Posted May 17th, 2012 in company law, consultations, fraud, news, penalties, prosecutions by sally

“Plans for a new tool to tackle economic crime were published today for consultation by Solicitor General Edward Garnier QC and Justice Minister Crispin Blunt.”

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Attorney General’s Office, 17th May 2012


Review of sanctions for disclosure failures in criminal trials – Judiciary of England and Wales

Posted April 27th, 2012 in criminal procedure, disclosure, penalties, press releases by tracey

“The Lord Chief Justice has asked Lord Justice Gross and Mr Justice Treacy to conduct a review of sanctions for disclosure failures.”

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Judiciary of England and Wales, 26th april 2012


Magistrates to have power for summary justice – Daily Telegraph

Posted April 16th, 2012 in magistrates, news, penalties by sally

“Magistrates will have the power to hand out summary justice in police stations or community centres under a planned overhaul of out of court penalties to be revealed next month.”

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Daily Telegraph, 16th April 2012


Deferred prosecution agreement legislation to be introduced, Solicitor General says –

“The Government will introduce new laws that enable businesses and prosecutors to negotiate the punishments those firms should face for unlawful activity before the end of this Parliament, a top legal advisor has said.”

Full story, 22nd March 2012


Cartels and law reform – a conspiracy against the public – Halsbury’s Law Exchange

Posted March 21st, 2012 in budgets, competition, news, penalties, prosecutions by sally

“Adam Smith is often quoted for his comment on cartels:

‘People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices’.”

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Halsbury’s Law Exchange, 21st March 2012


Deferred prosecution could come to UK, says Alderman – Law Society’s Gazette

Posted March 15th, 2012 in company law, deferred prosecution agreements, fraud, news, penalties by sally

“Legislation to enable US-style deferred prosecutions for corporate crime may feature in the Queen’s speech on 9 May.”

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Law Society’s Gazette, 15th March 2012


Watchdog reduced data protection penalties in 50% of cases, FOI disclosure reveals –

Posted March 15th, 2012 in data protection, fines, freedom of information, news, penalties by sally

“The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has reduced fines for organisations that have breached data protection law in half of the cases in which it has issued direct fines, can reveal.”

Full story, 15th March 2012


PCC chief tells Leveson newspapers should be fined for breaching code – The Guardian

Posted January 31st, 2012 in complaints, fines, inquiries, media, news, penalties by sally

“Newspapers should be fined if they are found to be in ‘systemic’ breach of the standards set out in the industry’s code of practice, the director of the Press Complaints Commission has conceded at the Leveson inquiry.”

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The Guardian, 30th January 2012


Minister signals summary justice role for magistrates – Daily Telegraph

Posted December 8th, 2011 in criminal procedure, fines, magistrates, news, penalties, police, summary judgments by tracey

“Magistrates will be able to hand out summary justice in police stations under a radical overhaul of out-of-court penalties being considered by the Government.”

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Daily Telegraph, 7th December 2011


Man fined after selling unlawfully obtained personal data of online bingo players –

Posted November 15th, 2011 in data protection, fines, news, penalties by sally

“A man who made approximately £25,000 from selling unlawfully obtained personal data has been issued with a £1,700 fine and conditional discharge by a UK court.”

Full story, 14th November 2011