Peanut curry death: Mohammed Zaman fails in appeal bid – BBC News

Posted November 9th, 2017 in allergies, appeals, food, negligence, news, sentencing by tracey

‘A restaurant owner who was jailed after a customer died from an allergic reaction to a curry has failed in a bid to have his conviction overturned.’

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BBC News, 9th November 2017


‘Take allergies seriously or face jail’ says CPS after curry house owner convicted of manslaughter – Daily Telegraph

‘Food businesses have been warned by the CPS to take allergies seriously or face jail, after a restaurateur was imprisoned for six years for killing a customer by selling him a curry.’

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Daily Telegraph, 23rd May 2016


Woman who ‘cannot work because of a shoe allergy’ sees benefits stopped – Daily Telegraph

“A woman who claimed £100,000 in disability benefits because of a shoe allergy must return to work, officials say.”

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Daily Telegraph, 24th October 2013


Coeliac sufferer made ‘violently sick’ at Jamie Oliver restaurant – Daily Telegraph

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“Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant chain was fined £8,000 after a woman who told staff three times she was allergic to gluten was served wheat pasta.”

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Daily Telegraph, 16th May 2013


Bhamra v Dubb – WLR Daily

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Bhamra v Dubb [2010] EWCA Civ 13; [2010] WLR (D) 10

“A caterer, who had supplied a dish for guests at a Sikh wedding knowing that the recipe could sometimes contain egg, a food prohibited by the Sikh religion, owed a duty of care to a guest who was allergic to eggs and subsequently died after eating the dish served. Such a conclusion was justified on the basis of well established principles of proximity, and after invoking CPR r 52.11(4) to enable the Court of Appeal to draw such inferences as were justified on the evidence where the judge below had not made a critical finding of fact.”

WLR Daily, 28th January 2010


Please note that once a case has been fully reported in one of the ICLR series the corresponding WLR Daily summary is removed.

£415,000 damages over egg allergy death – The Independent

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“A caterer who supplied a dessert containing eggs at a Sikh wedding must pay £415,000 damages to the widow of a man who died from an allergic reaction, the Court of Appeal ruled today.”

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The Independent, 20th January 2010


Extradition battle over ‘onion risk’ – The Independent

Posted July 9th, 2009 in allergies, extradition, food, human rights, news, prisons by sally

“A man attempted to avoid extradition today because his human rights could be breached by being fed ‘potentially life threatening’ red onions in an Irish jail.”

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The Independent, 9th July 2009


Man to sue after ‘toxic sofa’ left him with heart failure – Daily Telegraph

Posted October 20th, 2008 in allergies, news, personal injuries by sally

“A man is suing a furniture company over claims his ‘toxic sofa’ left him with a permanent heart condition.”

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Daily Telegraph, 20th October 2008