Freedom of expression and the role of the Supreme Court – some issues from across the world – Speech by The Rt Hon Lady Justice Arden DBE

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Freedom of expression and the role of the Supreme Court – some issues from across the world (PDF)

Speech by The Rt Hon Lady Justice Arden DBE

A Judicial-Academic Conference,31st July 2009


Lawcast 152: Lord Falconer on assisted dying and the new Supreme Court of the United Kingdom – Charon QC

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“Today I am talking to Lord Falconer, a former Lord Chancellor, about two important and interesting themes – assisted dying and his amendment to the Suicide Act defeated in the Lords recently and secondly his thoughts on the reasoning behind establishing a new Supreme Court and the direction it may, in time, take.”


Charon QC, 28th July 2009


“Charon QC” is the blogging pseudonym of Mike Semple Piggot, editor of insitelaw newswire.

Supreme Court Implementation Programme – Ministry of Justice

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“Justice Secretary Jack Straw has made a statement about the Supreme Court Implementation Programme: ‘I am pleased to be able to report further significant progress… the programme remains on time and within budget.’ ”

Full press release

Ministry of Justice, 15th July 2009


Modernity v Prudence, 2009: Jury’s out on UK’s £56m supreme court – The Guardian

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“Thanks to a £56m renovation of Middlesex Guildhall, a dilapidated crown court in Parliament Square, the longstanding and peculiarly British tradition that has seen the country’s most senior court sitting in the same building as the legislature will come to an end.”

Full story

The Guardian, 16th July 2009


Supreme Court: new building, new look, new way of working? – The Times

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“The scaffolding is down and the stonework cleaned up. Passers-by can now get their first glimpse of the supreme court. And the verdict on the building from the man who will lead the judges through its doors this October is positive.”

Full story

The Times, 6th May 2009


Lord Justice Collins among new supreme court justices – The Times

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“A former solicitor is among the first two judges to be appointed to the new supreme court.”

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The Times, 8th April 2009


Seventy is far too early for a supreme court judge to retire . . . – The Times

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“The Lord Chancellor will soon be announcing who will fill the vacancies on the new supreme court, which begins work in October when the law lords move across Parliament Square to Middlesex Guildhall. There is a very strong case for increasing the retirement age for supreme court justices from 70 to 75. In 1916 the Earl of Halsbury heard a case on the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords at 92. The Judicial Pensions and Retirement Act 1993 now provides that judges must retire at 70. There is an exception for those first appointed to a judicial office before March 31, 1995. They can continue working until 75.”

Full story

The Times, 26th March 2009


Supreme Court overleaps Lords with avowals of better value, transparency

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“From October this year the Supreme Court will replace the House of Lords as the highest court in ­England and Wales.”

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The Lawyer, 23rd February 2009


Fees in the United Kingdom Supreme Court – Ministry of Justice

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“A consultation on the system of fees and concessions for civil and devolution cases in the Supreme Court, after it becomes operational in October 2009.”

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Ministry of Justice, 10th February 2009


Supreme Court inferior to Lords, some judges say – Daily Telegraph

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“In an unprecedented joint interview, two senior judges who will be joining the UK Supreme Court next year reveal that one or two of their fellow justices think we would be better off without it. Might it be something to do with the post code?”

Full story

Daily Telegraph, 7th December 2008


The £60 million makeover: new building, new law lords, new postcode – The Times

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“There are just eight days left to apply for what must be the hottest jobs in the judiciary — the first specifically appointed posts in the new supreme court. There are three vacancies, as three law lords will retire between now and the start of the court next autumn (Lord Hoffmann, Lord Carswell and Lord Scott of Foscote). For the first time candidates for the highest court in the land must apply. So what are the qualifications to be one of Britain’s top judges? ”

Full story

The Times, 20th November 2008


Senior judge wants top court to avoid crime – Daily Telegraph

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“A member of the Court of Appeal has argued that only rare or occasional criminal cases should be heard by the new Supreme Court because its judges are too out of touch.”

Full story

Daily Telegraph, 17th November 2008