Hundreds of responses inform Lammy race review – Ministry of Defence

‘The first stage of a ground-breaking investigation into race and ethnic bias in the criminal justice system is now complete.’

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Ministry of Justice, 1st July 2016


CFA assignment case leapfrogged to Court of Appeal – Litigation Futures

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‘The question of when a conditional fee agreement (CFA) can be assigned from one law firm to another is set for the Court of Appeal, Litigation Futures can report.’

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Litigation Futures, 30th June 2016


Speech by Lord Justice Jackson: Concurrent Expert Evidence – Courts and Tribunals Judiciary

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‘In this lecture I shall concentrate on one particular Australian invention, which we are now copying in England and Wales. That is concurrent expert evidence.’

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Courts and Tribunals Judiciary, 30th June 2016


Support for women at the Bar is there when they need it – The Bar Council

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‘Over the last few years, the Bar Council has rolled out a number of initiatives aimed at improving equal opportunities for members of the Bar.’

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The Bar Council, 30th June 2016


BAILII: Recent Decisions

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Court of Appeal (Civil Division)

M, R (on the application of) v Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority [2016] EWCA Civ 611 (30 June 2016)

Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)

Attorney General’s Reference Under Section 36 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 v Regina [2016] EWCA Crim 750 (30 June 2016)

High Court (Administrative Court)

The Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care v The General Dental Council & Anor [2016] EWHC 1539 (Admin) (30 June 2016)

High Court (Chancery Division)

Goldcrest Distribution Ltd v McCole & Ors [2016] EWHC 1571 (Ch) (30 June 2016)

McShee v MMC UK Pension Fund Trustees Ltd [2016] EWHC 1574 (Ch) (30 June 2016)

High Court (Commercial Court)

Novus Aviation Ltd v Alubaf Arab International Bank BSC(c) [2016] EWHC 1575 (Comm) (30 June 2016)

Marme Inversiones 2007 SL v Royal Bank of Scotland Plc & Ors [2016] EWHC 1570 (Comm) (29 June 2016)

High Court (Queen’s Bench Division)

Committeri v Club Mediterranee SA Generali Assurances Iard SA [2016] EWHC 1510 (QB) (30 June 2016)


Recent Statutory Instruments –

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The Insolvency Proceedings (Fees) Order 2016

The Protection of Wrecks (Designation) (England) Order 2016

The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 (Monitoring of Further Education Bodies) (England) Regulations 2016

The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (Destruction, Retention and Use of Biometric Data) (Transitional, Transitory and Saving Provisions) (Amendment) Order 2016

The Child Benefit and Guardian’s Allowance (Administration) (Amendment) Regulations 2016

The Social Security (Expenses of Paying Sums in Relation to Vehicle Hire) Regulations 2016


‘Gradual fall’ in number of legal aid providers – Law Society’s Gazette

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‘The number of firms providing legal aid is continuing to decline gradually, the government’s latest statistics bulletin suggests.’

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Law Society’s Gazette, 1st July 2016


Re D (A Child): a decision of its time? – Family Law Week

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‘Katy Chokowry and Nicholas Anderson, barristers of 1 King’s Bench Walk, explain the rationale of the Supreme Court’s judgment in Re D (A Child) and consider the lessons that survive form the Court of Appeal’s judgment.’

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Family Law Week, 30th June 2016


Surrey farmer Robert Fidler’s ‘no regrets’ over ‘hidden castle’ – BBC News

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‘A farmer who built a mock Tudor castle without planning consent and hid it behind hay bales says he has no regrets after following orders to demolish it.’

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BBC News, 30th June 2016


Record number of suspected female terrorists arrested last year, figures show – The Independent

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‘A record number of suspected female terrorists have been arrested in the UK in the past year, government figures have shown. The official figures, released by the Home Office, show 36 female terror suspects were arrested in the 12-month period prior to March. This amounts to 14 per cent of all arrests on terrorism charges during the time frame.’

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The Independent, 30th June 2016


Police log fivefold rise in race-hate complaints since Brexit result – The Guardian

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‘Incidents of racism in the wake of the EU referendum result have increased dramatically, according to the latest figures.’

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The Guardian, 30th June 2016


Man found guilty of endangering RAF aircraft by shining torch – The Guardian

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‘A man who became obsessed with RAF jets flying training missions over his remote island home has been found guilty of endangering aircraft by shining a powerful torch at the planes.’

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The Guardian, 30th June 2016


Sex work must be decriminalised, government report warns – The Independent

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‘The Home Affairs select committee has suggested it is the best way to promote sex workers’ safety.’

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The Independent, 1st July 2016