Nurofen Plus tampering: Christopher McGuire jailed – BBC News

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“A man who contaminated painkillers with powerful anti-psychotic drugs has been jailed for 18 months.”

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BBC News, 28th May 2012


Upheld football creditors’ rule “becoming increasingly outdated”, expert says –

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“The controversial rule allowing the Football League and Premier League to insist that football players, managers and other clubs get paid before other creditors if a football club enters administration will ‘likely become an irrelevance’ as penalties against insolvent teams become more sophisticated, according to an expert.”

Full story, 28th May 2012


High Court Litigation Commercial Bargains and the Common Law – 11 KBW

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“Employment litigation in the High Court is one of the most interesting and dynamic areas of practice. The cases tend to be fought at the point where countervailing currents commercial law and employment law meet and many of the cases turn on resolving the tension between the bargain struck between commercial men and the implied term of trust and confidence. That tension presents an opportunity for the creative and a pitfall for the unwary.”

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11 KBW, 28th May 2012


Suffer Little Children – Zenith Chambers

“On 24 February, the Court of Appeal delivered its judgment in the joined appeals of Dockerill & Healey -v- Tullett, Macefield -v- Bakos and Tubridy -v- Sarwar. The decision may have a significant impact on whether claimant solicitors continue to represent children in personal injury claims where likely damages will be less than £1,000.”

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Zenith Chambers, 10th May 2012


Overview of The Government’s White Paper on Anti-Social Behaviour Responses – Hardwicke Chambers

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“The Government has now issued its White Paper on the much-heralded changes to the methods presently used to tackle anti-social behaviour.”

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Hardwicke Chambers, 24th May 2012


Two Articles on Local Government Law – 11 KBW

Local Government Law Update: 21 May (PDF)
Local Government Law Update: 22 May (PDF)

11 KBW, May 2012


The FSA’s Approved Persons Regime and the Disciplinary and Dismissal Flashpoints – 11 KBW

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The FSA’s Approved Persons Regime and the Disciplinary and Dismissal Flashpoints (PDF)

11 KBW, 22nd May 2012


Freetown Ltd v Assethold Ltd – WLR Daily

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Freetown Ltd v Assethold Ltd [2012] EWHC 1351 (QB); [2012] WLR (D) 162

“Service of a surveyor’s award sent by post, pursuant to section 15(1) of the Party Wall etc Act 1996, was effected when the award was consigned to the post.”

WLR Daily, 21st May 2012


Mistakes by doctors with contraceptive coils lead to increase in compensation – The Guardian

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“Mistakes by GPs when fitting contraceptive coils have led to women unexpectedly becoming pregnant and suffering womb damage.”

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The Guardian, 27th May 2012


New law ‘to halt scrap metal trade’ after church and memorial thefts

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“A new law to stop the trade in scrap metal stolen from churches, war memorials and railways is likely to be introduced by the Coalition.”

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Daily Telegraph, 27th May 2012


Time and time again: Article 6 to the rescue – UK Human Rights Blog

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“Last week Rosalind English did a summary post on the important Supreme Court case of Lukaszewski and others, R (on the application of Halligen) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2012] UKSC 20 – read judgement. The technicalities of this decision about extradition time limits are set out in her post. Here, I explore the potential implications for other cases.”

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UK Human Rights Blog, 28th May 2012


Census objector granted leave to challenge Census Act – The Guardian

“The government’s prosecution of census objectors is in jeopardy after a Birmingham man was granted a judicial review to challenge the legality of the act that makes it an offence not to complete the 10-yearly survey.”

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The Guardian, 26th May 2012


Fine dodgers to be charged for enforcement action – Daily Telegraph

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“Offenders who fail to pay court fines will have to foot the bill for officials to chase them down under plans to be unveiled today.”

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Daily Telegraph, 28th May 2012


Activists arrested before royal wedding to challenge police in high court – The Guardian

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“Activists who were rounded up before last year’s royal wedding are challenging the Metropolitan police in the high court on Monday in a case that could have implications for the way the Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations and the Olympics are policed.”

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The Guardian, 27th May 2012


Recent Statutory Instruments –

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The Tribunal Procedure (Amendment No. 2) Rules 2012

The Trading with the Enemy (Transfer of Negotiable Instruments, etc.) (Revocation) Order 2012

The Street Works (Charges for Occupation of the Highway) (Transport for London) Order 2012


BAILII: Recent Decisions

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High Court (Queen’s Bench Division)

O’Connell v Viridian Housing [2012] EWHC 1389 (QB) (25 May 2012)

Lewis v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis & Ors [2012] EWHC 1391 (QB) (25 May 2012)

High Court (Chancery Division)

HM Revenue and Customs v The Football League Ltd & Anor [2012] EWHC 1372 (Ch) (25 May 2012)

High Court (Administrative Court)

Shanmuganathan, R (on the application of) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2012] EWHC 1293 (Admin) (18 May 2012)

C, R (on the application of) v Financial Services Authority (FSA) [2012] EWHC 1417 (Admin) (25 May 2012)

Banner Homes Central Ltd v Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government & Anor [2012] EWHC 1431 (Admin) (09 May 2012)

High Court (Commercial Court)

Ted Baker Plc & Anor v AXA Insurance UK Plc & Ors [2012] EWHC 1406 (Comm) (25 May 2012)

The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc v Highland Financial Partners LP & Ors [2012] EWHC 1278 (Comm) (24 May 2012)


PC who stole £4,000 recovered raid cash jailed – The Independent

“A lonely and debt-ridden police constable stole money seized in police raids and used the force computer to contact women after a relationship ended, a court heard today.”

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The Independent, 25th May 2012


Newport family wins multi-million pound birth error compensation – BBC News

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“The family of a nine-year-old girl has won a multi-million pound compensation package for devastating injuries suffered at birth.”

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BBC News, 25th May 2012


Care Quality Commission: the NHS watchdog – The Guardian

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“The body that regulates both NHS and private health and social care services in England is the Care Quality Commission.”

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The Guardian, 25th May 2012


European Court of Human Rights’ respect for democracy: prisoner voting – UK Human Rights Blog

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“There has been some discussion on the UK Human Rights Blog about the judgments in the Hirst v UK/Scoppula v Italy cases, the latest of which was given this week. Simply put, the judgments held (taken together) that the UK’s blanket ban on prisoner voting infringed a prisoner’s voting rights; to comply with the Convention, a ban on prisoner voting would have to involve an exercise of discretion. The growing legal discussion has been learned and has dissected the reasons expressed by the ECtHR. However, from the perspective of a non-specialist human rights lawyer, the discussion seems curiously inverted. It is suggested that the non-lawyer would naturally start an analysis of the competing views not by analysing the caselaw of the ECtHR and asking what room to manoeuvre the latest judgment gives the UK government, but by asking what the court had to say about the recent expression of the will of the people, expressed in the vote in Parliament, which supported the continuation of the ban. It is important for lawyers to address these more general issues for the public to maintain confidence in the system of European human rights law.”

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UK Human Rights Blog, 25th May 2012