Cellar slave girl: Salford couple must pay victim £100,000 – BBC News

‘A deaf girl from Pakistan kept as a slave for nine years by a millionaire couple from Salford is to receive £100,000 in compensation.’

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BBC News, 15th October 2014

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

European Convention on Human Rights: What has it ever done for us? – The Independent

‘As the Tories attempt to dilute the treaty’s authority in the UK, James Cusick takes a look at the difference it has made.’

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The Independent, 3rd October 2014

Source: www.independent.co.uk

Interim review of the national referral mechanism for victims of human trafficking – Home Office

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‘The national referral mechanism is a multi-agency victim identification and support process.’

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Home Office, 2nd October 2014

Source: www.gov.uk/home-office

Five jailed in Sheffield teenager sex abuse and trafficking case – The Guardian

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‘Five men have been given jail sentences totalling more than 28 years after a 13-year-old girl who ran away from home was trafficked for sex while she was missing for more than a week, police said.’

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The Guardian, 2nd October 2014

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Modern Slavery Bill: factsheets – Home Office

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‘These factsheets set out how the measures in the Modern Slavery Bill will help stamp out modern slavery.’

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Home Office, 29th August 2014

Source: www.gov.uk/home-office

Victim of trafficking can claim compensation despite illegal entry to UK – UK Human Rights Blog

‘The Supreme Court has ruled that victims may in some circumstance recover damages from their traffickers. Overturning the judgment of the Court of Appeal that the illegality of the underlying contract ruled out the claim for compensation, the majority held that to permit the trafficker to escape liability would be “an affront” to public policy. The judgment has far reaching implications in this area because, by its very nature, human trafficking often involves illegality.’

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UK Human Rights Blog, 27th August 2014

Source: www.ukhumanrightsblog.com

Victims of trafficking empowered to seek compensation – Halsbury’s Law Exchange

‘The employee had been allegedly trafficked from Nigeria to the UK by the employer to work illegally as an au pair (Hounga v Allen and another). The Court of Appeal, Civil Division, set aside an award of compensation granted in the employee’s favour for unlawful discrimination in relation to her dismissal by the employer, having held that the illegality of the contract of employment had formed a material part of the employee’s complaint and that to uphold it would be to condone the illegality. The employee appealed. The Supreme Court, allowing the appeal, held that it would be a breach of the UK’s international obligations under the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings for its law to cause the employee’s complaint to be defeated by the defence of illegality. The case was remitted to the tribunal in respect of a complaint in relation to pre-dismissal harassment.’

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Halsbury’s Law Exchange, 13th August 2014

Source: www.halsburyslawexhange.co.uk

Hounga (Appellant) v Allen and another (Respondents) – Supreme Court

Hounga (Appellant) v Allen and another (Respondents) [2014] UKSC 47 (YouTube)

Supreme Court, 30th July 2014

Source: www.youtube.com/user/UKSupremeCourt

Hounga v Allen and another (Anti-Slavery International intervening) – WLR Daily

Hounga v Allen and another (Anti-Slavery International intervening) [2014] UKSC 47; [2014] WLR (D) 353

‘A claim for the statutory tort of discrimination in relation to dismissal by an employee who had entered the United Kingdom illegally was not barred by the defence of illegality in circumstances where the application of the defence would be an affront to the public policy of protecting the victims of human trafficking.’

WLR Daily, 30th July 2014

Source: www.iclr.co.uk

Illegal immigrant Mary Hounga can claim discrimination, says landmark Supreme Court ruling – Daily Telegraph

‘Illegal immigrants are entitled to bring court actions against their employers for discrimination, the Supreme Court has said in a landmark judgment.’

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Daily Telegraph, 30th July 2014

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Supreme Court set to rule on rights of trafficked Nigerian girl – The Independent

‘The UK’s highest court will rule on a landmark decision of whether illegal immigrants should be deprived of fundamental workers’ rights, following the appeal of a Nigerian national who was trafficked into the UK. Judges from the Supreme Court, including Britain’s most senior female judge Lady Hale, will deliver the verdict on Wednesday in a case which could set an important precedent for the rights of workers found to be treated as modern-day slaves.’

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The Independent, 27th July 2014

Source: www.independent.co.uk

Human trafficking gang jailed – BBC News

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‘Four men and a woman have been jailed for conspiring to traffic women into the UK for sexual exploitation.’

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BBC News, 2nd July 2014

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Peterborough ‘Facebook grooming’ sex attackers jailed – BBC News

‘Two sex attackers from Peterborough who targeted teenage girls via Facebook have been jailed.’

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BBC News, 20th June 2014

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Dreams Come True charity: Human trafficker jailed for three years – The Independent

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‘A woman who trafficked vulnerable Lithuanian workers to Bristol locked them in a squalid house and forced them to hand out charity collection bags for little or no pay has been jailed for three years.’

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The Independent, 18th June 2014

Source: www.independent.co.uk

Slavery victims in Britain to be eligible for reparations from traffickers – The Guardian

‘Victims of “modern slavery” are to become eligible for compensation and reparations from their traffickers, in recognition of the exploitation and loss of dignity they have suffered, the home secretary, Theresa May, is to announce.’

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The Guardian, 4th June 2014

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Woman guilty of luring ‘vulnerable’ girls into prostitution – BBC News

‘A woman who used drugs and alcohol to lure “weak and vulnerable” girls into a life of prostitution has been found guilty of running a child sex ring.’

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BBC News, 1st May 2014

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Human trafficking: exercise discretion on a case-by-case basis – Halsbury’s Law Exchange

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‘Slavery is a term of the highest evocative order. The almost universal abhorrence that this term elicits is due, in large part, to the imprint on the modern psyche caused, not by images of those responsible for the slave trade, but by images and tales of their victims.’

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Halsbury’s Law Exchange, 20th March 2014

Source: www.halsburyslawexchange.co.uk

Home Secretary speech at National Crime Agency leadership event – Home Office

‘Speech given by Home Secretary Theresa May on 17 March 2014 at National Crime Agency leadership event.’

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Home Office, 18th March 2014

Source: www.gov.uk/home-office

Over 140 children identified as sex slaves in 2013 – The Independent

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‘More than 140 children were identified as being trafficked for sexual abuse last year as the numbers of people rescued from being held as slaves soared by nearly half.’

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The Independent, 18th February 2014

Source: www.independent.co.uk

Derby human traffickers jailed for more than seven years – BBC News

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‘Two brothers have been jailed for trafficking 12 Czech and Slovak men into the UK to exploit them for wages and benefits.’

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BBC News, 7th February 2014

Source: www.bbc.co.uk