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When accused tries to import victim’s sexual history

DS v. HM Advocate

Privy Council

“A Scottish statute providing that when a court gave permission for a person accused of certain sexual offences to lead evidence of the alleged victim’s previous sexual history, there was a presumption in favour of laying before the jury the accused’s previous convictions for sexual offences unless he could show that such disclosure would not be in the interests of justice, or would prejudice his right to a fair trial.”

The Times, 12th June 2007

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Law: Scots take aim across the border – Daily Telegraph

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“Imagine a system in which everyone who passes the Bar exams is guaranteed a job as a barrister. That would be a drastic change: nobody can practise at the English Bar without first spending time in chambers as a pupil, and there are pupillages available for only between a third and a quarter of those students who get through the Bar’s compulsory vocational course.”

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Daily Telegraph, 7th June 2007

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