Foreign Offfice gag on memoirs angers former diplomats – The Guardian

Posted October 12th, 2007 in confidentiality, diplomats, freedom of expression, news by sally

“A former British diplomat yesterday denounced a lifetime confidentiality agreement demanded by the Foreign Office as ‘unworkable and draconian’, and has refused to sign it.”

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The Guardian, 12th October 2007


UK diplomats ‘face lifetime gag’ – Daily Telegraph

Posted October 10th, 2007 in confidentiality, diplomats, freedom of expression, news by sally

“The Foreign Office has been accused of trying to gag diplomats for life after regulations were issued stopping them from commenting on international issues even after retirement.”

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Daily Telegraph, 10th October 2007


Religious hatred: a crime from October, but exemptions are wide –

Posted September 13th, 2007 in freedom of expression, inciting religious hatred, news by sally

“The Racial and Religious Hatred Act comes into force in October, carrying a threat of prison terms for a person who tries to stir up religious hatred. However, its free speech exemptions are so wide that convictions could be difficult, a lawyer said.”

Full story, 13th September 2007


Brian Haw: ‘It is strange that they are spending so much money prosecuting me’ – The Independent

Posted August 7th, 2007 in demonstrations, freedom of expression, human rights, news by sally

“As the Camp for Climate Action began planning in earnest for next week’s protest at Heathrow, one veteran protester against the Iraq war was also enjoying a moment of vindication.”

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The Independent, 7th August 2007


Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd. and Others v. Vetplus Ltd – Times Law Reports

Comparative advertisements must not be misleading

Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd and Others v Vetplus Ltd

Court of Appeal

“No interim injunction would issue to inhibit comparative advertising, whereby one trader promoted his goods over those of a rival, unless the claimant could show the advertising was misleading and he would probably win a permanent injunction at trial.”

The Times, 27th June 2007


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Negative advertising harder to block, lawyers warn – The Times

Posted June 25th, 2007 in advertising, freedom of expression, news by sally

“Businesses will find it harder to protect brands from the negative effects of comparative advertising – in which one company promotes its products by drawing comparisons with rivals – after a landmark ruling this week, lawyers have warned.”

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The Times, 22nd June 2007


Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd. and ors v. Vetplus Ltd. – WLR Daily

Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd. and ors v. Vetplus Ltd. [2007] EWCA Civ 584

“Where a trader sought to publish in comparative advertising the results of tests of a rival trader’s product, an important issue of freedom of expression was engaged, even though the comparative advertising would be aimed at diverting trade from one trader to another; and therefore the court would not grant an interim injunction to prevent such publication unless the court was satisfied that the applicant would succeed at trial in obtaining a final injunction.”

WLR Daily, 20th June 2007


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EU aims to criminalise Holocaust denial – Financial Times

Posted April 18th, 2007 in EC law, freedom of expression, news by sally

“Laws that make denying or trivialising the Holocaust a criminal offence punishable by jail sentences will be introduced across the European Union, according to a proposal expecting to win backing from ministers Thursday.”

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Financial Times, 18th April 2007