High Court to look at case of alleged Isis duo who may face execution in US – The Guardian

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‘The British government’s decision to co-operate with US authorities over the prosecution of two alleged Islamic State executioners without assurances that they will not face the death penalty, is to be challenged in the high court on Monday.’

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The Guardian, 8th October 2018

Source: www.theguardian.com

Remembering Louis Blom-Cooper, A Human Rights Champion – Rights Info

‘Lawyer and human rights champion Sir Louis Blom-Cooper passed away in London, aged 92, on September 19, 2018. Here are some of the ways in which Blom-Cooper blazed a trail for human rights.’

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Rights Info, 2nd October 2018

Source: rightsinfo.org

European human rights judges will rule ‘Isil Beatles’ plan illegal, say experts – Daily Telegraph

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‘European human rights judges would rule Britain’s plan to waive death penalty assurances for two suspected members of the Isil ‘Beatles’ terror cell illegal, experts say, and could order the UK to seek US guarantees and even pay the men damages.’

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Daily Telegraph, 28th July 2018

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

UK may face legal challenge over US extradition of Isis pair – The Guardian

‘UK ministers could face a legal challenge to the decision to assist the US extradition of two former British Islamic State terrorists without demanding they do not face the death penalty, as Downing Street backed Sajid Javid’s decision to allow the move.’

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The Guardian, 24th July 2018

Source: www.theguardian.com

Sajid Javid drops UK’s blanket opposition to death penalty to allow two Isis fighters to be sent to US – The Independent

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‘Sajid Javid has dropped Britain’s blanket opposition to the death penalty in order to allow two notorious British Isls fighters to be sent to the United States.’

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The Independent, 23rd July 2018

Source: www.independent.co.uk

Vivian Teed: 60 years since last man hanged in Wales – BBC News

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‘On the night of Friday 15 November 1957, 24-year-old Vivian Teed broke into the sub-post office in Fforestfach, Swansea.’

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BBC News, 6th May 2018

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Trinidad waits on British judges’ death row ruling as murders soar – The Guardian

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‘Five British judges will this week consider whether a prisoner who may be mentally ill should remain on death row after a Caribbean court convicted him of murdering another inmate.’

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The Guardian, 15th January 2018

Source: www.theguardian.com

The ‘completely childish’ man hanged for murder – BBC News

‘He was one of the last two men hanged in Britain. A habitual liar convicted of murdering a man who had been his friend, and perhaps his lover. But according to a leading criminal lawyer, who has viewed documents uncovered by the BBC, he was the victim of a miscarriage of justice.’

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BBC News, 18th December 2017

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Crime agency admits acting illegally in death penalty case – Law Society’s Gazette

‘The National Crime Agency (NCA) has admitted acting unlawfully in assisting Thai police investigate, arrest and convict two Burmese men sentenced to death for the murder of two British backpackers. Campaigners against the death penalty said the disclosure raises questions about the UK cooperation with authorities in countries with dubious human rights records.’

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Law Society's Gazette, 30th August 2017

Source: www.lawgazette.co.uk

UK police broke law in case of British backpackers murdered in Thailand – The Guardian

‘The National Crime Agency in the UK has been forced to admit it acted unlawfully when it gave information to Thai police that helped send two men to death row for murdering two British backpackers.’

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The Guardian, 29th August 2017

Source: www.theguardian.com

Andy Tsege: High Court rejects 9-year-old’s plea for UK to bring back British father kidnapped by Ethiopia – The Independent

‘The High Court has rejected the case of a nine-year-old British girl demanding Theresa May’s government do more to help her father, who has been kidnapped by the Ethiopian authorities and now faces an impending death sentence.’

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The Independent, 7th September 2016

Source: www.independent.co.uk

The Human Right Not To Hide. Celebrating The Anniversary Of A Landmark LGBTQ Case – RightsInfo

‘Six years ago tomorrow [7 July], the UK Supreme Court said that gay people should not have to hide their sexuality in order to avoid persecution in their home country.’

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RightsInfo, 6th July 2016

Source: www.rightsinfo.org

UK judges to rule on death penalties for ‘intellectually disabled’ – The Guardian

‘The fate of two Trinidadian prisoners, both of whom have been condemned to death despite having extremely low IQs, will be decided by British judges this week.’

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The Guardian, 15th May 2016

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Secret court hearing to rule on Foreign Office’s evaluation of human rights – The Guardian

‘A three-year battle by the Foreign Office (FCO) to keep secret how diplomatic issues colour its human rights decisions reached its climax on Thursday, in a court case that was itself largely held in secret at the insistence of the security services.’

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The Guardian, 7th April 2016

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

The right to a fair trial: part two – OUP Blog

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‘Human rights law has had a long and tortuous history in the UK, defined by some of the most fascinating cases in legal memory.’

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OUP Blog, 10th November 2015

Source: www.blog.oup.com

Support for death penalty drops below 50% for the first time – BBC News

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‘Support for the death penalty in Britain has dropped below 50% for the first time on record, an annual opinion survey says.’

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BBC News, 26th March 2015

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

High Court considers purpose behind subject access request under the DPA – Panopticon

‘It is not uncommon for data controllers to be faced with subject access requests under s. 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 the motivations for which appear to have nothing whatever to do with the purposes of the DPA. The DPA seeks to protect individuals’ privacy rights with respect to data which is processed about them. The subject access provisions help people check up on that data and its processing (see for example YS v Minister voor Immigratie (Cases C-141/12 & C-372/12)). In practice, however, a subject access request is a fishing expedition with an eye on prospective litigation.’

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Panopticon, 10th March 2015

Source: www.panopticonblog.com

British court to rule on death sentences for two Trinidad murderers – The Guardian

‘Seven British judges will consider whether two convicted murderers from Trinidad should have their death penalty sentences lifted by the privy council.’

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The Guardian, 4th February 2015

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Hanged for murder: Fiftieth anniversary of last people to be executed in UK – The Independent

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‘When, at 8am on 13 August 1964, Peter Allen and Gwynne Evans took a short walk to the gallows to be hanged for murder, the deaths of two hapless petty criminals were little mourned and little noticed.’

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The Independent, 10th August 2014

Source: www.independent.co.uk

R (on the application of Sandiford) (Appellant) v The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (Respondent) – Supreme Court

R (on the application of Sandiford) (Appellant) v The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (Respondent) [2014] UKSC 44 (YouTube)

Supreme Court, 16th July 2014

Source: www.youtube.com/user/UKSupremeCourt