Community test – Law Society’s Gazette

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“England’s first Community Court is now in its third year. Grania Langdon-Down reviews its impact.”

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Law Society’s Gazette, 6th December 2007


Time intervals for criminal proceedings in magistrates’ courts – Ministry of Justice

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“Quarterly National Statistics release presenting results from a 1-week survey of criminal cases completed in the Magistrates’ courts. ”

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Ministry of Justice, 23rd November 2007


Killer should have been in jail when he stabbed bus passenger over chips – The Times

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“An investigation has started into the criminal justice failings that resulted in a bus passenger being killed by a man who should not have been released from prison.”

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The Times, 23rd November 2007


Prison service faces drastic cuts – The Observer

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“A dramatic plan to slash the number of prison officers and streamline courts in England and Wales is being drawn up by the government in an attempt to deliver £1bn in savings.”

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The Observer, 18th November 2007


Race and the criminal justice system – Ministry of Justice

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“This publication fulfils a statutory obligation for the Secretary of State to publish, annually, information relating to the criminal justice system (CJS) with reference to avoiding discrimination on the ground of race. This publication reports statistical information on the representation of black and minority ethnic groups as suspects, offenders and victims with in the CJS and on employees within criminal justice agencies.”

Statistics on Race and the Criminal Justice System 2006 (PDF)

Ministry of Justice, 30th October 2007


Children’s tsar attacks youth justice policy – The Guardian

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“The children’s tsar today attacked the government’s youth justice policy, which he warned is enraging and alienating young people.”

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The Guardian, 15th October 2007


‘Call centre justice’ criticised – BBC Law in Action

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“The government has been criticised for cutting the right of arrested suspects to advice from a qualified lawyer.”

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BBC Law in Action, 9th October 2007


Suspects get drink advice in cell – BBC News

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“Alcohol support workers have been allowed to interview suspects in police cells in a bid to combat binge drinking and alcohol-related crime.”

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BBC News, 26th September 2007


John Reid calls for human rights law reform – Daily Telegraph

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“A review of human rights laws in Britain and Europe has been demanded by John Reid amid fresh fears that they are hindering the fight against crime and terrorism.”

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Daily Telegraph, 17th September 2007


Excellence will be lost in the frenzy of cost-cutting – The Times

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“Can Sally O’Neill, QC, persuade the public that the high standards of the Criminal Bar are worth saving?”

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The Times, 4th September 2007


New Criminal Bar Chairman calls for Review of the Treatment of Young People in the Criminal Justice System – Bar Council

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“Sally O’Neill QC, who starts work as Chairman of the Criminal Bar Association today, has called for a wide-ranging review of the treatment of young people caught up in the criminal justice system.”

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Bar Council press release, 3rd September 2007


Adult courts ‘unfit for children’ – BBC News

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“The use of the Old Bailey and other crown courts to try children is ‘inappropriate’, the new head of the Criminal Bar Association has warned.”

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BBC News, 3rd September 2007


Confidence in the criminal justice system: what lies beneath? – Ministry of Justice

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“This report presents the findings from an omnibus survey and focus groups designed to identify the factors that people consider when answering the question: ‘How confident are you that the criminal justice system is effective in bringing people who commit crimes to justice?’ This question is contained in the British Crime Survey, the responses to which are used to monitor performance against one of the Government’s public service agreement targets.  The study also identified which agencies people thought made up the criminal justice system (CJS), and whether they considered the CJS as a national system, local system, or a combination of the two.”

Confidence in the criminal justice system: what lies beneath? (PDF) 

Ministry of Justice, 7th August 2007


Justice delayed as courts short of judges – Daily Telegraph

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“A shortage of judges is causing delays in bringing criminal trials to court, putting more pressure on prisons and delaying justice for victims of crime.”

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Daily Telegraph, 30th July 2007


Legal giants pour scorn on Labour’s record – The Times

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“A group of the UK’s most influential barristers has severely criticised the Labour Government’s treatment of the UK legal system over the past ten years.”

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The Times, 27th July 2007


Youth crime targets missed – Daily Telegraph

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“Increases in arrests of young people for petty crimes and anti-social behaviour have undermined Government efforts to reduce the number of youths entering the criminal justice system, according to a report.”

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Daily Telegraph, 25th July 2007


Women and justice report – The Fawcett Society

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“This report, published on Wednesday 25 July, examines the work that has been done in the last year to improve the criminal justice system for women, as offenders, victims and staff … ”

Women and justice: the third annual review of the Commission on Women and the Criminal Justice System (PDF)

The Fawcett Society, 25th July 2007


More than half of offenders not taken to court – Daily Telegraph

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“The number of criminals dealt with by fines and “slap on the wrist” cautions in England and Wales has overtaken the total taken to court, it was disclosed yesterday.”

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Daily Telegraph, 18th July 2007


Half of criminals are never prosecuted – The Times

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“Fewer than half of the criminals brought to justice by authorities in England and Wales are taken to court, it was revealed today.”

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The Times, 17th July 2007


Protest over prosecutions without lawyers – The Times

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“Thousands of trials a year could be prosecuted by non-lawyers under plans for an extension of the powers of the Crown Prosecution Service’s lay staff.”

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The Times, 16th July 2007