Public and police are finally taking online crime seriously – The Times

Posted October 23rd, 2007 in computer crime, internet, special report by sally

“The Government says individuals are responsible for their online security — and it is starting to happen, says Clive Gringras.”

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The Times, 22nd October 2007


Warning to abusive bloggers as judge tells site to reveal names – The Guardian

Posted October 22nd, 2007 in anonymity, defamation, internet, news by sally

“Disgruntled fans of Sheffield Wednesday who vented their dissatisfaction with the football club’s bigwigs in anonymous internet postings may face expensive libel claims after the chairman, chief executive and five directors won a high-court ruling last week forcing the owner of a website to reveal their identity.”

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The Guardian, 22nd October 2007


Let your employees use Facebook — it’s less risky than you think – The Times

Posted October 18th, 2007 in employment, internet, special report by sally

“Web 2.0 has thrown up new legal challenges for businesses but they shouldn’t detract from the opportunities.”

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The Times, 18th October 2007


Children may be barred from screen violence – Daily Telegraph

Posted October 9th, 2007 in children, internet, news, violence by sally

“A major inquiry into the impact of the internet and violent video games on children is launched today.”

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Daily Telegraph, 9th October 2007


Bluetooth spam on the way as watchdog gives marketers green light –

Posted October 8th, 2007 in advertising, internet, news, privacy by sally

“The Information Commissioner will no longer regulate the use of Bluetooth mobile technology, prompting fears of a wave of ‘bluetooth spam.’ ”

Full story, 8th October 2007


BT users encouraged to share wireless connections –

Posted October 5th, 2007 in internet, news, telecommunications by sally

“From next week BT will encourage its broadband users to share their connections over wireless networks, a practice till now forbidden by the company’s terms and conditions.”

Full story, 5th October 2007


Man jailed over Facebook message – Daily Telegraph

Posted October 4th, 2007 in harassment, injunctions, internet, news, sentencing by sally

“A husband banned from contacting his estranged wife was jailed after he inadvertently sent her a message on the social networking site Facebook.”

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Daily Telegraph, 4th October 2007


Name your price for the latest Radiohead album – The Times

Posted October 2nd, 2007 in artistic works, internet, news, sale of goods by sally

“How much would you pay for the new album by one of the world’s most critically acclaimed rock bands? Radiohead are asking fans to put their own price on the group’s long-awaited new release.”

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The Times, 2nd October 2007


Guerrilla artist Banksy caught up in eBay fraud – The Guardian

Posted September 25th, 2007 in artistic works, fraud, internet, news by sally

“Banksy, the mysterious graffiti artist who has gone from underground street phenomenon to darling of collectors including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, has been embroiled in an eBay scandal.”

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The Guardian, 25th September 2007


Lawyers attack Nominet plan for domain name disputes –

Posted September 20th, 2007 in domain names, internet, news by sally

“The registry for .uk domain names has proposed a change in the way that name disputes are handled, but the proposed fast-track system faces criticism for not being radical enough.”

Full story, 19th September 2007


Online criminals target Facebook and virtual worlds – The Times

Posted September 18th, 2007 in computer crime, internet, news by sally

“Organised criminals are increasingly targeting online communities such as social networking sites and multi-player computer games, a security report has warned.”

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The Times, 17th September 2007


Hi-tech crime ‘is big business’ – BBC News

Posted September 17th, 2007 in computer crime, internet, news by sally

“Internet crime has become a major commercial activity, reveals a report by computer security company Symantec.”

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BBC News, 17th September 2007


Prince sues internet sites for breaching his copyright – The Independent

Posted September 14th, 2007 in copyright, internet, news by sally

“He gave away his last album free with a newspaper, but Prince has now taken a stance to defend the rights of the artist by launching a legal action against internet sites that he claims have infringed his copyright.”

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The Independent, 14th September 2007


Chatroom users “goaded man in web suicide” – Daily Telegraph

Posted September 14th, 2007 in inquests, internet, news, suicide by sally

“A coroner yesterday called for ‘insult chatrooms’ to be regulated after members of one site encouraged a man to commit suicide while dozens watched live over the internet.”

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Daily Telegraph, 14th September 2007


Officer admits child image charge – BBC News

Posted September 11th, 2007 in children, computer crime, internet, news by sally

“A serving Dyfed-Powys Police officer has admitted a charge of possessing an indecent image of a child.”

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BBC News, 10th September 2007


Internet controls or citizen service, rival leaders tackle child protection – The Guardian

Posted September 7th, 2007 in children, internet, news by sally

“New controls may be needed to prevent the internet and video games from exposing children to harmful or inappropriate material, ministers indicated yesterday, as they appointed a TV psychologist to head an official inquiry.”

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The Guardian, 7th September 2007


All of world’s biggest firms hit by typosquatting –

Posted August 29th, 2007 in advertising, internet, news by sally

“The world’s 500 biggest companies have all fallen victim to typosquatting. OUT-LAW research has found that the fast-growing trend of making ad money from web domains similar to famous brands affects all the world’s biggest firms.”

Full story, 29th August 2007


Man detained for unlawful use of broadband connection – The Guardian

Posted August 23rd, 2007 in computer crime, internet, news by sally

“A man has been arrested for using a broadband internet connection in the street without the owner’s permission.”

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The Guardian, 22nd August 2007


Baby battle woman can’t claim data protection exemption for YouTube video, warns expert –

Posted August 23rd, 2007 in adoption, data protection, internet, news, social services by sally

“The woman at the centre of a battle with social services over the future of her unborn baby will not be able to claim an exemption from the UK’s Data Protection Act, a legal expert has warned.”

Full story, 22nd August 2007


Doctor faces High Court battle with GMC over weblink – The Register

Posted August 22nd, 2007 in confidentiality, doctors, internet, news by sally

“A mental health doctor is headed for a showdown with the General Medical Council (GMC) in the High Court because she is accused of breaking confidentiality by posting a link on her blog.”

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The Register, 21st August 2007