Lockdown Regulations made: restrictions and police powers – UK Police Law Blog

‘The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 were made at 1pm on 26 March 2020 and are now in force. They contain sweeping restrictions never before seen in peacetime in the United Kingdom. They apply to England only and expire in 6 months. They revoke and replace the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Business Closure) (England) Regulations 2020 – leaving the business closures in place.’

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UK Police Law Blog, 26th March 2020

Source: ukpolicelawblog.com

Coronavirus: Domestic abuse victims ‘still allowed to leave home’ – BBC News

Posted March 30th, 2020 in coronavirus, domestic violence, families, freedom of movement, health, news, victims by sally

‘Domestic abuse victims are allowed to leave home to seek help at refuges despite rules to stop coronavirus spreading, the home secretary has said.’

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BBC News, 29th March 2020

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Joggergate: How frequently is it necessary to exercise in Wales? – UK Police Law Blog

Posted March 30th, 2020 in coronavirus, enforcement, freedom of movement, health, interpretation, news, police by sally

‘For those wishing to exercise their exercise rights, the new Coronavirus regulations treat English and Welsh joggers rather differently.’

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UK Police Law Blog, 27th March 2020

Source: ukpolicelawblog.com

Coronavirus: Police get new powers to enforce protection – BBC News

Posted March 27th, 2020 in coronavirus, enforcement, fines, freedom of movement, news, police by sally

‘Anyone continuing to break coronavirus lockdown rules will be breaking the law and faces arrest.’

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BBC News, 26th March 2020

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

UK police use drones and roadblocks to enforce lockdown – The Guardian

‘A police force has defended using a drone camera to shame people into not driving into a national park during the lockdown, while another force said it was introducing roadblocks to stop drivers heading to tourist hotspots.’

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The Guardian, 26th March 2020

Source: www.theguardian.com

What powers does “take such action as is necessary to enforce” give to police officers? – UK Police Law Blog

‘The powers in the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Business Closure) (England) Regulations 2020 allow a constable to “take such action as is necessary to enforce a premises closure or restriction”. The powers in theCoronavirus Act 2020, schedule 22 (formerly schedule 21 in the Bill) are to enforce a restriction or prohibition on gatherings or events and to close and restrict access to premises during a public health response period. Again, it will allow a constable to “take such action as is necessary to enforce such a restriction, prohibition or closure”. But what does the phrase, “take such action as is necessary to enforce …” mean?’

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UK Police Law Blog, 25th March 2020

Source: ukpolicelawblog.com

England: police to get power to use force to impose coronavirus lockdown – The Guardian

Posted March 26th, 2020 in coronavirus, emergency powers, enforcement, fines, freedom of movement, news, police by sally

‘Police will be authorised to use force to send people back home if they refuse to obey the coronavirus lockdown, under government plans.’

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The Guardian, 25th March 2020

Source: www.theguardian.com

Coronavirus: What’s in the emergency legislation? – BBC News

‘The government has passed all stages of its 329-page emergency bill through the House of Commons.’

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BBC News, 24th March 2020

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

How far do the government’s new emergency powers go? – The Guardian

‘A new government bill that brings sweeping new powers to shut down mass gatherings, potentially detain people with coronavirus symptoms and weaken the social care safety net is being rushed through parliament. The Guardian’s Peter Walker explains what is at stake.’

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The Guardian, 24th March 2020

Source: www.theguardian.com

EP 105: Rights in a time of Quarantine – Niall Coghlan – Law Pod UK

Posted March 23rd, 2020 in coronavirus, freedom of movement, health, human rights, news by sally

‘Rosalind English discusses with biolaw expert Niall Coghlan the implications for human rights law of government measures to contain or mitigate COVID-19, focussing on the European Convention on Human Rights.’

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Law Pod UK, 20th March 2020

Source: audioboom.com

Rights in a time of quarantine – an extended look by Niall Coghlan – UK Human Rights Blog

Posted March 18th, 2020 in coronavirus, freedom of movement, health, human rights, news by sally

‘Quarantines and lockdowns are sweeping Europe: Italy, France, Spain. Through them, states seek to contain Covid-19 and so save lives. It is difficult to imagine higher stakes from a human rights perspective: mass interferences with whole populations’ liberties on one side; the very weighty public interest in protecting lives on the other; and all this under the shadow of uncertainty and disorder. What, if anything, do human rights have to say?’

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UK Human Rights Blog, 17th March 2020

Source: ukhumanrightsblog.com

Landmark Immigration Bill to end free movement introduced to Parliament – Home Office

Posted March 5th, 2020 in bills, freedom of movement, immigration, press releases by tracey

‘The bill will end free movement and give the government full control of UK borders for the first time in four decades.’

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Home Office, 5th March 2020

Source: www.gov.uk/home-office

The new UK immigration rules tell employers to suck it up – The Guardian

Posted February 19th, 2020 in brexit, employment, freedom of movement, immigration, limitations, news, remuneration by sally

‘The self-employed Polish plumber will be a thing of the past. Uber taxis in Britain’s big cities could be harder to come by. Anybody who wants to hire a Lithuanian nanny will have to pay them £500 a week – and make sure the taxman knows about it.’

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The Guardian, 18th February 2020

Source: www.theguardian.com

Child sex abusers like Gary Glitter must be banned from travelling abroad to commit further attacks, inquiry concludes – Daily Telegraph

‘Child sex abusers such as Gary Glitter – who was free to travel to Asia to attack young girls – must be banned from travelling abroad to commit further attacks, a government-ordered inquiry has warned.’

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Daily Telegraph, 9th January 2020

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

New Judgment: Routier v Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs [2019] UKSC 43 – UKSC Blog

‘The issue in this appeal was whether a movement of capital between the United Kingdom and Jersey should be regarded as an internal transaction taking place within a single member state for the purposes of article 56 of the Treaty Establishing the European Community; and if not, whether the refusal of relief under section 23 in respect of the gift to the Coulter Trust is justifiable under EU law.’

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UKSC Blog, 16th October 2019

Source: ukscblog.com

No-Deal Brexit: EU Citizens Could Gain New Appeal Rights – Rights Info

Posted October 16th, 2019 in appeals, bills, brexit, citizenship, freedom of movement, immigration, news by sally

‘EU citizens and their family members could gain the right to appeal decisions on their applications for settled status in the event of a no-deal Brexit.’

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Rights Info, 15th October 2019

Source: rightsinfo.org

How will the UK immigration system cope with no deal Brexit? – Garden Court Chambers

‘UK immigration reform is imminent. The Government’s 2018 White Paper proposals for a new immigration system appear to be here to stay and a no deal Brexit looks more likely than ever.’

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Garden Court Chambers, 22nd August 2019

Source: www.gardencourtchambers.co.uk

Criminalisation Of Travel To Designated Areas A ‘Serious Abuse Of Civil Liberties’ – Rights Info

Posted June 10th, 2019 in freedom of movement, human rights, news, terrorism by sally

‘New counter-terrorism measures which could see people who travel or stay in certain areas overseas jailed for up to 10 years are a “serious abuse of civil liberties”, a campaign group has warned.’

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Rights Info, 7th June 2019

Source: rightsinfo.org

Home Secretary announces new skills-based immigration system – Home Office

Posted December 20th, 2018 in bills, brexit, EC law, freedom of movement, immigration, news by tracey

‘The Home Secretary announces a new route for skilled workers, strengthened border security and an end to free movement as part of a new immigration system.’

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Home Office, 19th December 2018

Source: www.gov.uk

Immigration: White Paper sets out post-Brexit rules for migrants – BBC News

Posted December 19th, 2018 in brexit, freedom of movement, immigration, news, remuneration, visas by sally

‘Low-skilled workers from EU countries will no longer have the automatic right to work in the UK after Brexit, under proposed new immigration rules.’

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BBC News, 19th December 2018

Source: www.bbc.co.uk