FGM: What is Female Genital Mutilation and why was the first doctor to stand trial in the UK acquitted? – The Independent

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‘The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has been accused of bowing to “mounting” political pressure and a need to “get results” when it chose to launch an ill-judged trial against a young doctor for female genital mutilation, who was acquitted in less than 30 minutes.’

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The Independent, 5th February 2015

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CPS defends decision to bring FGM case against doctor acquitted in 30 minutes – The Guardian

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‘Alison Saunders, the director of public prosecutions, has defended her decision to bring Britain’s first FGM case against a doctor who was cleared of committing the crime on a woman he stitched after the birth of a child.’

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The Guardian, 5th February 2015

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Doctor found not guilty of performing FGM – BBC News

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‘An NHS doctor has been cleared of performing female genital mutilation (FGM) on a young mother.’

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BBC News, 4th February 2015

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Female genital mutilation: NHS doctor becomes first person to stand trial for involvement in the unpopular practice – The Independent

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‘Female genital mutilation: NHS doctor becomes first person to stand trial for involvement in the unpopular practice.’

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The Independent, 19th January 2015

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Male circumcision can be part of “reasonable parenting”, but no form of FGM is acceptable – Family Court – UK Human Rights Blog

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‘B and G (Children) (No.2) [2015] EWFC 3. Contemplating the details of different forms of female genital mutilation is not for the faint hearted. But that is what the courts and the relevant experts have to do, not only to protected alleged victims but to defend the interests of those suspected of perpetuating the procedure, whether it is a question of criminal liability under the FGM Act 2003, or determining that a threshold of harm has been passed so as to initiate care proceedings if the victim is a child.’

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UK Human Rights Blog, 18th January 2015

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Theresa May’s new FGM reporting rules ‘will stop families seeking help’ – The Guardian

‘Plans by the home secretary, Theresa May, to force health professionals to report cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) to the police are unlikely to lower the extent of abuse and risk dissuading families from seeking medical help, according to the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.’

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The Guardian, 17th January 2015

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Councils must be more proactive to prevent FGM, says top judge – The Guardian

‘Local authorities need to be “proactive and vigilant” in taking measures to prevent girls being subjected to the “great evil” of female genital mutilation, the most senior family court judge in England and Wales has said.’

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The Guardian, 14th January 2015

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Government launches consultation into mandatory reporting of FGM – Home Office

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‘Further details unveiled of funding recipients and new unit to tackle female genital mutilation.’

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Home Office, 5th December 2014

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FGM: UK plan to require professionals to report suspected cases – The Guardian

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‘Campaigners against female genital mutilation (FGM) have cautiously welcomed government moves to require professionals to report suspected cases of FGM, but warned of the risk of alienating communities and forcing the practice further underground.’

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The Guardian, 5th December 2014

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Passport confiscation plan to stop ‘FGM’ – Daily Telegraph

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‘Government sets out new measures to combat female genital mutilation, including confiscating travel documents of girls who may be at risk.’

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Daily Telegraph, 20th October 2014

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Family system ‘woefully behind’ in treatment of vulnerable – Law Society’s Gazette

‘Family judges are to receive guidance on dealing more appropriately with children and other vulnerable witnesses.
The interim report of a working group set up by Sir James Munby, head of the Family Division, says the family system ‘lags woefully behind’ the criminal justice system in this regard.’

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Law Society’s Gazette, 13th August 2014

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Home Secretary speech at Girl Summit 2014 – Home Office

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‘Speech given by Home Secretary Theresa May on 22 July 2014 at the Girl Summit.’

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Home Office, 22nd July 2014

Source: www.gov.uk/home-office

Parents who allow female genital mutilation will be prosecuted – The Guardian

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‘Parents will be prosecuted if they fail to prevent their daughter being cut, and all victims of female genital mutilation (FGM) will get lifelong anonymity, David Cameron will say on Tuesday.’

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The Guardian, 22nd July 2014

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Female genital mutilation: a breach in the UK’s duty of care? – Halsbury’s Law Exchange

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‘A report by the Home Affairs Committee (HAC) is a response to what it calls the “ongoing national scandal” of female genital mutilation (FGM). FGM is the mutilation of the genitalia of young women and girls for non-medical reasons. The history of FGM in the UK makes for sobering and shocking reading. It is estimated that 170,000 women and girls are living with the legacy of FGM in this country and 65,000 girls aged 13 or under are at this moment at risk of mutilation. Despite having been criminalised here in 1985, there has not been a single successful prosecution.’

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Halsbury’s Law Exchange, 18th July 2014

Source: www.halsburyslawsexchange.co.uk

Female genital mutilation: Prosecute health professionals who fail to report signs of FGM, MPs say – The Independent

‘Doctors and nurses who fail to report that girls in their care have suffered female genital mutilation (FGM) should be prosecuted in an effort to tackle the scandal of “this horrific abuse”, MPs say in a report published today.’

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The Independent, 3rd July 2014

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UK religious leaders unite against FGM – The Guardian

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‘Religious and community leaders have signed a historic declaration condemning female genital mutilation, but said there are still barriers to ending the practice in the UK.’

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The Guardian, 20th June 2014

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Female Genital Mutilation: Protection v Punishment – Family Law Week

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‘In anticipation of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee’s report into FGM, Melanie Hepworth, Solicitor at Covent Garden Family Law, calls for greater awareness of the violence threatened to thousands of girls in the UK.’

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Family Law Week, 18th June 2014

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FGM law expanded to cover foreign nationals habitually resident in UK – The Guardian

‘The law criminalising female genital mutilation is to be strengthened so the ban can be enforced against foreign nationals deemed to be “habitually resident” in the UK.’

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The Guardian, 4th June 2014

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Afusat Saliu and children ‘deported to Nigeria’ – BBC News

‘A woman who fought to stay in the UK over fears her daughters could face female genital mutilation in Nigeria has been deported, her lawyer has said.’

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BBC News, 4th June 2014

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Deportation reprieve for Nigerians amid female genital mutilation fears – The Guardian

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‘Government lawyers cancel the removal of Afusat Saliu and her two daughters, after they were taken from their home in Leeds.’

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The Guardian, 29th May 2014

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