Copyright exceptions will not deliver anticipated economic growth, licensing bodies say –

Posted April 2nd, 2012 in archives, copyright, libraries, licensing, news by sally

“Writing exceptions to copyright into UK law will not deliver economic growth and would in fact ‘remove the core asset value’ in creators’ content, a number of licensing bodies have said.”

Full story, 2nd April 2012


Expert says ‘right to be forgotten’ could cause problems for publishers –

Posted November 11th, 2011 in archives, data protection, EC law, internet, media, news, public interest by tracey

“A system where newspaper stories can be ‘locked away’ but not entirely deleted from archives under new data protection law proposals could be used to ensure a balance is struck between privacy and free speech rights, a media law expert has said.”

Full story, 10th November 2011


Nazi art records published online – Ministry of Justice

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“The National Archives (TNA) will publish an international online catalogue of looted art taken by the Nazis for the first time.”

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Ministry of Justice, 6th May 2011


Freedom of Information Act gives protection to royal secrets – The Times

Posted June 15th, 2010 in archives, news by sally

“The Royal Family and the Royal Household were exempted from direct requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The Royal Household was not included in the Act’s definition of a public authority, so members of the public are unable to access information held in the Royal Archives. Public bodies can be asked to release information that may include details about the Royal Family, but protection also covers communications between public bodies, such as government departments, and the Royal Family or Royal Household.”

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The Times, 15th June 2010


Government plans libel shield for online news archives –

Posted March 26th, 2010 in archives, defamation, internet, Ministry of Justice, news by sally

“The Government has outlined its plans for a reform of libel law, but said that it will not be possible to pass the proposed new law before this year’s general election.”

Full story, 24th March 2010


30-year rule on release of secret government papers cut to 20 years – The Guardian

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“Secret government papers are to be released after a delay of 20 years in a change from the current 30-year rule, the Ministry of Justice announced yesterday (25 February).”

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The Guardian, 26th February 2010


UK Web Archive launches with plea for law change – The Guardian

Posted February 26th, 2010 in archives, consultations, internet, news by sally

“A digital black hole will open in Britain’s national memory without a change in the law to ensure the capture and recording of UK websites, the head of the British Library has warned.”

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The Guardian, 25th February 2010


Newspaper archives can lose libel protection as stories change, rules High Court –

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“A newspaper which continued to publish a defamatory article on its website after its subject was cleared in an investigation lost its right to claim a special journalistic defence against libel, the High Court has said.”

Full story, 19th October 2009


Criminal trials from 18th and 19th centuries go online for first time – The Times

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“The records, published in a collaboration between the website and the National Archives, include every criminal trial in England and Wales that was reported to the Home Office between 1791 and 1892.”

Full story

The Times, 3rd August 2009