Family of murdered Muslim teenager say they feel discriminated against by police after they fail to convict anyone for eight years – The Independent

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‘AbdulKarim Boudiaf was 18 when he was fatally shot in the neck while walking with friends outside a pub in north London in 2009. A man stood trial for his death, but no one has ever been convicted. His family tell The Independent they feel discriminated against because of their race and class background.’

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The Independent, 12th December 2017


Double jeopardy case: Wendell Baker jailed for pensioner rape – BBC News

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“A man convicted under the amended double jeopardy law of raping a pensioner has been jailed for life.”

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BBC News, 28th June 2013


At last: Rapist Wendell Baker finally found guilty of 1997 attack after police bungles – The Independent

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“A rapist was finally convicted today after a series of police and prosecution blunders allowed him to evade justice for 15 years following his merciless attack on a pensioner inside her own home.”

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The Independent, 25th June 2013


Rape suspect on trial again under double jeopardy law – Daily Telegraph

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“A builder cleared of raping a pensioner in her bedroom despite matching DNA evidence has gone on trial again under the double jeopardy law.”

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Daily Telegraph, 12th June 2013


Regina v JFJ – WLR Daily

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Regina v JFJ: [2013] EWCA Crim 569;   [2013] WLR (D)  149

“A plea of autrefois acquit or convict was to be narrowly confined to cases where the offences were the same in fact or law. In any case where the narrow application of that principle would result in unfairness or injustice to a defendant, amounting to oppression, the remedy lay in the power of the court to stay the proceedings.”

WLR Daily, 24th April 2013


Change in double jeopardy law led to Gary Dobson’s retrial – The Guardian

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“Gary Dobson could never have been convicted of murdering Stephen Lawrence nearly 19 years ago if the law had not been changed in 2003.”

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The Guardian, 3rd January 2012


Stephen Lawrence murder: Dobson and Norris found guilty – BBC News

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“Two men have been convicted of the racist murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence, 18 years after he was stabbed to death at a south London bus stop. Gary Dobson and David Norris were found guilty by an Old Bailey jury after a trial based on forensic evidence.”

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BBC News, 3rd January 2012


John Dillon jailed for rape of grandmother in 1982 – BBC News

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“A man has been jailed for life under the double jeopardy law three decades after raping his own grandmother.”

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BBC News, 1st December 2011


End of ‘year and a day rule’ led to Clift murder charge – BBC News

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“Screwdriver killer Leigh Clift was brought back to court and convicted of murder following a change in a the law allowing him to be charged with a different offence over the same attack on Milton Keynes man Jonathan Barton.”

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BBC News, 21st October 2011


Society formally urges Clarke to ban referral fees – Law Society’s Gazette

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“The Law Society has written to justice secretary Kenneth Clarke urging him to act immediately to ban referral fees, after he revealed last week that he is ‘considering’ the issue.”

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Law Society’s Gazette, 4th July 2011


Joint CPS and MPS statement on Stephen Lawrence case – Crown Prosecution Service

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“Stephen Lawrence was murdered on 22 April 1993 in an unprovoked attack. Two men have recently been charged with his murder: David Norris and Gary Dobson. They are both in custody and will stand trial later this year at the Central Criminal Court.”

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Crown Prosecution Service, 18th May 2011


CPS Statement on Howard Martin – Crown Prosecution Service

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“Durham Crown Prosecution Service has advised Durham Police there is not enough new evidence under the double jeopardy provisions for the Director of Public Prosecutions to authorise an investigation into former GP Howard Martin, acquitted of the murder of three of his patients six years ago.”

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Crown Prosecution Service, 9th February 2011


Man convicted of murder in double jeopardy retrial – The Independent

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“The first person to face a murder retrial following the discovery of new forensic evidence was convicted today.”

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The Independent, 13th December 2010


File loss blunder in rape case – BBC News

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“A man suspected of raping a woman 12 years ago cannot face prosecution, as the police have lost the case file.”

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BBC News, 28th July 2009


Man’s ‘double jeopardy’ trial ends with guilty verdict – The Independent

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“A violent footballer who beat his ex-girlfriend to death yesterday became the first person acquitted of a crime to be jailed for it under new ‘double jeopardy’ laws. The former Maidstone United player Mario Celaire, 31, must serve a minimum of eight years after pleading guilty to the manslaughter of Cassandra McDermott.”

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The Independent, 4th July 2009


Scientific advances brought demise of double jeopardy rule – The Times

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“It was David Blunkett who scrapped the 800-year-old legal principle that people could not be tried twice for the same crime.”

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The Times, 22nd May 2009


Footballer convicted of killing girlfriend in double jeopardy case – The Times

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“A footballer today admitted killing his former girlfriend more than six years after he was cleared of the crime.”

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The Times, 21st May 2009


New trial bid over death fall man – BBC News

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“The former wife of a father who killed his young son in a plunge from a hotel balcony is calling for him to be prosecuted when he returns to Britain.”

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BBC News, 6th February 2008


Regina v. IK; Regina v. AB; Regina v. KA – Times Law Reports

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Double jeopardy requires two sets of criminal proceedings

Regina v. IK; Regina v. AB; Regina v. KA

Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)

“Double jeopardy was not available as a plea in bar unless both sets of proceedings were criminal and the Special Immigration Appeals Commission was not a criminal court.”

The Times, 16th May 2007


Please note the Times Law Reports are only available free on Times Online for 21 days from the date of publication.