Plea bargaining: eBay justice – Halsbury’s Law Exchange

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“In 2009, Zoe Pemberton, then aged ten, put her grandmother up for auction on eBay ostensibly as a joke. As part of the description she described her grandmother as ‘annoying and moaning a lot’. She also said that she was ‘cuddly’ and ‘likes word searches’. The public bid up to £20,000 until the lot was taken down. If you believe that our criminal justice system is the grandma of every common law system of the world then it seems that she is about to be auctioned off. News is that the Government intends to consult on a new plea bargaining system after big business suggested that the UK should copy the US. At the same time, amongst lawyers and commentators, opinion of the US plea bargaining system is at an all time low.”

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Halsbury’s Law Exchange, 3rd May 2012


Lack of major prosecution under Bribery Act does not mean the new laws are not being enforced, expert warns –

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“Organisations that believe anti-corruption laws introduced in the UK last year are not being enforced are too blasé and risk falling foul of the rules, an expert has said. Meanwhile, managers have claimed that the laws put UK firms at a disadvantage.”

Full story, 30th April 2012


SFO must publish more information about bribery settlement cases, report says –

“Criticism over the lack of detail that has emerged from corruption case settlements only serves to reinforce the need for deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs) to be introduced in the UK, an expert has said.”

Full story, 2nd April 2012


Banks failing to carry out anti-bribery measures, says FSA – The Guardian

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“The City watchdog has warned that many banks are failing to provide proper controls to prevent bribery and corruption despite the high profile introduction of the Bribery Act last year.”

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The Guardian, 29th March 2012


Corruption self-reporters not disadvantaged by own investigative restrictions, SFO says –

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“The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) may formally investigate alleged corruption at firms that self-report the activity but will be mindful not to harm the company’s reputation, the head of the organisation has said.”

Full story, 24th January 2012


Reported tax avoidance on the increase as accountants track highest ever year for corporate fraud –

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“The value of reported fraud cases against UK businesses reached a record £2 billion in 2011, according to a report.”

Full story, 10th January 2012


Lawcast 200: James Vine on Bribery and social media – Charon QC

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“Today I am talking to barrister James Vine about Bribery and then his thoughts on social media. James is also a farmer, enthusiastic tweeter and author of The Bung Blog.”

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Charon QC, 24th November 2011


“Charon QC” is the blogging pseudonym of Mike Semple Piggot, editor of insitelaw newswire.

Court clerk makes legal history as he is jailed under new bribery legislation – Daily Telegraph

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“Munir Patel, a court clerk, made legal history today as he became the first person to be jailed under new bribery legislation.”

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Daily Telegraph, 18th November 2011


Journalists should not have extra protection from bribery law, says Justice Secretary –

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“The Bribery Act does not need to be changed to protect journalists who pay informants for stories, the Justice Secretary has said.”

Full story, 16th November 2011


Prosecutors report first Bribery Act conviction –

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“A court clerk has become the first person to be convicted under new UK bribery laws, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has said.”

Full story, 17th October 2011


Bribe conviction for court clerk Munir Patel UK-first – BBC News

Posted October 14th, 2011 in bribery, news by tracey

“A clerk has become the first person convicted under the Bribery Act, for taking a bribe while working at an east London court.”

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BBC News, 14th October 2011


Guardian pursues challenge to secrecy of criminal justice system – The Guardian

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“The Guardian’s efforts to win the right to see a set of key documents in a controversial extradition case continued today (11 October) at the court of appeal, where judges indicated they were minded to allow the paper an opportunity to appeal a High Court decision.”

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The Guardian, 11th October 2011


Attorney General: current Government policy on economic crime – Attorney General’s Office

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Attorney General: current Government policy on economic crime

Speech by Attorney General Dominic Grieve QC MP

Attorney General’s Office, 5th September 2011


Court clerk becomes first person charged under Bribery Act – The Guardian

The first person to be charged under the new Bribery Act will be a magistrates court clerk who allegedly accepted £500 for fixing a motoring offence, according to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

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The Guardian, 31st August 2011


Bar Council to examine Bribery Act action on referral fees – Law Scoiety’s Gazette

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“Bar Council leaders have condemned the Legal Services Board for refusing to ban referral fees, and will look into whether the fees break the terms of the Bribery Act.”

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Law Society’s Gazette, 28th July 2011


Macmillan Publishers ordered to pay £11.3m – BBC News

Posted July 22nd, 2011 in bribery, corruption, costs, fines, news, publishing, Serious Fraud Office by sally

“Macmillan Publishers has been ordered to pay £11.3m for ‘unlawful conduct’ related to its education division in East and West Africa.”

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BBC News, 22nd July 2011


Corporate hospitality must be reasonable and proportionate says SFO –

Posted July 12th, 2011 in bribery, corruption, news, Serious Fraud Office by tracey

“The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) will look at five factors when considering whether corporate hospitality breach new anti-corruption laws, it has said.”

Full story, 11th July 2011


Press release: Bribery Act comes into force – Ministry of Justice

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“Britain will play its full part in the international clampdown on corruption as the Bribery Act comes into force today.”

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Ministry of Justice, 1st July 2011


Bribery Act targets corrupt firms – BBC News

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“Legislation aimed at making it easier to prosecute companies who make corrupt payments abroad has come into force. The Bribery Act overhauls existing laws dating back to 1889 and creates offences that carry prison terms of up to 10 years and unlimited fines.”

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BBC News, 1st July 2011


Many UK companies unprepared for the Bribery Act, according to survey –

Posted June 17th, 2011 in bribery, news by sally

“Almost 40% of UK businesses think their senior executives and board members are unprepared for the introduction of new anti-corruption laws next month, a survey has found.”

Full story, 17th June 2011