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Posted May 3rd, 2012 in bribery, corruption, criminal justice, news, plea bargaining by sally

“In 2009, Zoe Pemberton, then aged ten, put her grandmother up for auction on eBay ostensibly as a joke. As part of the description she described her grandmother as ‘annoying and moaning a lot’. She also said that she was ‘cuddly’ and ‘likes word searches’. The public bid up to £20,000 until the lot was taken down. If you believe that our criminal justice system is the grandma of every common law system of the world then it seems that she is about to be auctioned off. News is that the Government intends to consult on a new plea bargaining system after big business suggested that the UK should copy the US. At the same time, amongst lawyers and commentators, opinion of the US plea bargaining system is at an all time low.”

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Halsbury’s Law Exchange, 3rd May 2012