If the Chilcot report finds the Iraq invasion violated the UN Charter, what are the consequences? – Halsbury’s Law Exchange

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‘The Chilcot report, when published next month, will surely criticise some of those responsible for launching the Iraq war on 20 March 2003 and for the suffering and damage which it caused. Lawyers are certainly already mulling over the prospect of litigation, criminal as well as civil.’

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Halsbury’s Law Exchange, 27th June 2016

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Chilcot inquiry: Timeline of events from 9/11 to the announced publication date of the report – The Independent

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‘The findings of the long-awaited Chilcot report will be published at the beginning of July – shortly after the EU referendum – a spokesman for the inquiry announced today. Here is a timeline of the events, starting with the attack on the World Trade Centres in 2001 and ending with the announcement of the report’s publication date.’

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The Independent, 9th May 2016

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Chilcot report on Iraq war to be published on 6 July – The Guardian

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‘The long-awaited Chilcot inquiry into the invasion of Iraq is to be published on Wednesday 6 July, two weeks after the EU referendum.’

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The Guardian, 9th May 2016

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Drone killings: Legal case ‘needs clarifying’ – BBC News

‘The legal case for using drone strikes outside of armed conflict needs “urgent clarification” from ministers, a cross-party parliamentary committee has said.’

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BBC News, 10th May 2016

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Ministers drop plans for war powers law – The Guardian

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‘Ministers have abandoned plans to introduce a war powers act that would enshrine into law a commitment to seek parliamentary approval before deploying British troops in combat.’

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The Guardian, 18th April 2016

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Chilcot report expected to single out senior British military figures – The Guardian

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‘Senior military figures will be singled out for criticism alongside Tony Blair and other establishment figures in the long-awaited Chilcot report into the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which is due to be handed to Downing Street next week.’

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The Guardian, 14th April 2016

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UK has ‘legal duty’ to challenge Saudi Arabia over Yemen airstrikes – The Guardian

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‘The British government must challenge Saudi Arabia over whether it is using UK weapons to breach international humanitarian law by launching indiscriminate airstrikes in Yemen, a leading lawyer has told the UK arms export control select committee.’

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The Guardian, 13th April 2016

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What sort of justice do survivors of sexual war crimes want? – The Guardian

‘Convicting perpetrators of sexual violence in conflict is a milestone but we also need to enable survivors to build their future.’

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The Guardian, 12th April 2016

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When humanitarian law meets human rights – OUP Blog

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‘As we reflect on Human Rights Month and the implications of conflict throughout 2015, we have asked some of the humanitarian law scholars who contributed to the new Geneva Conventions Commentary to explore the interplay between these two important legal disciplines, and how we should approach them in the future.’

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OUP Blog, 15th December 2015

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Chilcot report on Iraq war to be published next June or July – The Guardian

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‘Sir John Chilcot has announced that he is to publish his report into the Iraq war next June or July following intense pressure from David Cameron to speed up his timetable.’

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The Guardian, 29th October 2015

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£150m legal bill for troops just doing their duty – Daily Telegraph

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‘Ministers draw up plans to pull out of the European Convention on Human Rights next time the Armed Forces are sent into combat.’

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Daily Telegraph, 17th October 2015

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Sir John Chilcot to set timetable for publication of Iraq war report – The Guardian

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‘Relatives of soldiers killed in Iraq have claimed a partial victory after Sir John Chilcot announced he would finally set a timetable for his report on the six-year inquiry into the war.’

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The Guardian, 15th October 2015

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Chilcot report delays blamed on ‘vested interests’ – The Guardian

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‘Anger over continued delays in the publication of the report into the Iraq war has swung back against the government with allegations that “vested interests” have tried to suppress evidence.’

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The Guardian, 29th September 2015

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Chilcot: Iraq inquiry needs ‘additional assistance’ from Government to complete its work – The Independent

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‘The Iraq Inquiry will require “additional assistance” from the Government to complete its work, chairman Sir John Chilcot has said.’

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The Independent, 25th July 2015

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War inside the court room – UK Human Rights Blog

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‘The High Court has ruled that the ECHR applies to situations where Iraqi civilians were shot during security operations conducted by British soldiers. When taken together with the parallel cases being brought against the MOD for breach of its Article 2 obligations towards its own soldiers, it appears increasingly likely that any operation undertaken by the British Army in the future will lead to legal challenges being brought against almost every aspect of its actions pre, during and post any use of military force.’

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UK Human Rights Blog, 29th March 2015

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Woman given suspended sentence for funding jihadi boyfriend in Syria – The Guardian

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‘An “immature and naive” young woman who was strung along by her jihadi boyfriend wept in court as she was told she would not go to prison for agreeing to send him money.’

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The Guardian, 27th March 2015

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‘Human rights law has no place on the battlefield’ – Policy exchange report – The Guardian

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‘Britain should withdraw from the European convention on human rights during wartime because troops cannot fight under the yoke of “judicial imperialism”, according to a centre-right thinktank.’

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The Guardian, 30th March 2015

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Call for Chilcot to release Iraq documents ‘immediately’ – The Guardian

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‘Senior politicians have called for the immediate publication of all documents cleared for release by the Iraq war inquiry.’

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The Guardian, 24th January 2015

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Chilcot report on Iraq war delayed until after general election – The Guardian

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‘The six-year-long British inquiry into the 2003 Iraq invasion and its aftermath will not be published before the general election, prompting an outcry from those demanding that the long overdue reckoning should be put before the voters.’

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The Guardian, 21st January 2015

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Chilcot inquiry: Commons debate will try to fast-track publication of Iraq war report – The Independent

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‘A Commons debate on the delayed Iraq War Inquiry will attempt to pressure Downing Street into fast-tracking its publication before the general election in May. David Davis, the former shadow home secretary, led a group of cross-party MPs in winning time for the debate which will be held on January 29.’

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The Independent, 13th January 2015

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