How is the PLO working? What is its impact on court process and outcome? – Family Law Week

‘The last five years have brought important reforms to care proceedings. The Judiciary made proposals for modernising family justice with a focus on strong judicial leadership, judicial continuity and better case management.2 The Family Justice Review3 recommended that the duration of care proceedings should be limited to 26 weeks, that fewer experts should be instructed in proceedings and there should be more limited scrutiny of the care plan, with the court considering only the plan for permanency (care by the parents(s), placement in the extended family, long-term fostering, or adoption) and not matters such as services for the child and contact arrangements. The Review’s recommendations were enacted in the Children and Families Act 2014, supplemented by new procedural rules (the PLO 2014) and implemented on April 22, 2014. This date also marked the opening of the Family Court, replacing the triple jurisdiction of the Family Proceedings Court, the County Court and the High Court. ‘

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Family Law Week, 17th February 2017


Guidance issued on s. 20 Children Act amid fears councils could misinterpret law – Local Government Lawyer

Posted April 5th, 2016 in care orders, children, local government, news, placement orders by sally

‘Cafcass, the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) and ADSS Cymru have published guidance aimed at clarifying the expectations on local authorities for children looked after under s. 20 of the Children Act 1989.’

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Local Government Lawyer, 4th April 2016


Government details law changes to address fall in adoption decisions – Local Government Lawyer

‘The Government has set out how it plans to change the law to address falls in local authority adoption decisions and the courts’ granting of placement orders.’

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Local Government Lawyer, 30th March 2016


Council ordered to pay damages to boy over delay in revoking placement order – Local Government Lawyer

Posted March 18th, 2016 in damages, delay, local government, news, placement orders by tracey

‘A Family Court judge has ordered a council to pay a 10-year-old boy £5,000 in damages after it failed for three years to seek to revoke a placement order.’

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Local Government Lawyer, 15th March 2016


Adoption, foreign nationals and parental consent: where are we now? – Family Law Week

‘Michael Jones, Barrister, Deans Court Chambers, analyses the implications of a recent judgment in Re JL and AO (Babies Relinquished for Adoption) which concerned the adoption of children with the consent of the foreign parents.’

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Family Law Week, 17th March 2016


Placement and Adoption: if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well – Family Law Week

Posted July 3rd, 2015 in adoption, consent, news, placement orders by tracey

‘Mavis Amonoo-Acquah, Pupil Barrister, 1 Garden Court Family Law Chambers, considers recent judicial guidance, and its application, in respect of non-consensual adoption.’

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Family Law Week, 23rd June 2015


‘How not to embark upon, and pursue, a care case’ – Park Square Barristers

Posted March 19th, 2015 in care orders, news, placement orders, social services by sally

‘In the 2014 case Re R (A Child) [2014] EWCA Civ 1625, the president considered the post-Re B & -Re B-S landscape, stressing that ‘Re B-S was not intended to change and has not changed the law’ [para. 44] on adoption. The president’s judgment clarified that, in the wake of Re B and Re B-S, it is not right to say that an application for a placement order now has to ‘surmount a much higher hurdle’ or to exclaim that ‘adoption is over’.’

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Park Square Barristers, 25th February 2015


In re R (A Child) – WLR Daily

Posted December 19th, 2014 in adoption, care orders, law reports, placement orders by sally

In re R (A Child) [2014] EWCA Civ 1625; [2014] WLR (D) 539

‘In re B-S (Children) (Adoption Order: Leave to Oppose) [2014] 1 WLR 563 had not been intended to change and had not changed the law; it was primarily directed to practice. Where adoption was in the child’s best interests local authorities were not to shy away from seeking, nor courts from making, care orders with a plan for adoption, placement orders and adoption orders.’

WLR Daily, 16th December 2014


Post-Adoption Contact: All Change or More of the Same? – Family Law Week

Posted November 12th, 2014 in adoption, contact orders, families, news, parental responsibility, placement orders by tracey

‘Lance Dodgson, barrister of Bank House Chambers, considers the changes concerning post-adoption contact made by the Children and Families Act 2014 and asks what effect they will have in practice.’

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Family Law Week, 11th November 2014


Children Public Law Update – Family Law Week

Posted November 6th, 2014 in adoption, appeals, news, placement orders, reporting restrictions by sally

‘John Tughan, barrister, of 4 Paper Buildings reviews recent important judgments in public law children cases.’

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Family Law Week, 5th November 2014


In re T (Children) (Revocation of Placement Order: Change in Circumstances) – WLR Daily

Posted October 28th, 2014 in adoption, appeals, law reports, placement orders by sally

In re T (Children) (Revocation of Placement Order: Change in Circumstances) [2014] EWCA Civ 1369; [2014] WLR (D) 445

‘A “change of circumstances” for the purposes of an application for permission to apply to revoke a placement order under section 24 of the Adoption and Children Act 2002 had to be a change which had occurred since the making of the placement order and whichwas relevant to the circumstances of the case. It would be unacceptable to exclude any change in circumstances to the children who were the subject of the orders.’

WLR Daily, 21st October 2014


Challenging adoption order using human rights – UK Human Rights Blog

Posted October 3rd, 2013 in adoption, appeals, human rights, news, placement orders by sally

“The recently released statistics from the Department for Education showing an increase of 15% in the adoption of looked after children in the last year further highlights the government’s preferred strategy for ensuring the welfare of children in care.”

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UK Human Rights Blog, 2nd October 2013


In re C (A Child) (Adoption: Placement order) – WLR Daily

Posted April 29th, 2013 in adoption, appeals, children, law reports, news, parental rights, placement orders by tracey

In re C (A Child) (Adoption: Placement order): [2013] EWCA Civ 431;   [2013] WLR (D)  151

“Guidance as to the steps to be followed where an application to the Court of Appeal was made for permission to appeal against the making of a placement order, or of any order consequent upon the making of a placement order, in adoption proceedings.”

WLR Daily, 25th April 2013


Local authority ordered to pay substantial costs in family human rights case – UK Human Rights Blog

“This was a costs application arising from an extremely important decision by Peter Jackson J in June 2012 (see Alasdair Henderson’s post here and read judgment).”

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UK Human Rights Blog, 19th April 2013


Nottinghamshire County Council v Suffolk County Council – WLR Daily

Nottinghamshire County Council v Suffolk County Council: [2012] EWCA Civ 1640; [2012] WLR (D) 376

“The local authority responsible for providing financial and other support for a child under the Children Act 1989 was any authority which looked after the child or, if the child was not a looked after child, the local authority in whose area the child was living.”

WLR Daily, 11th December 2012


In re S (A Child) – WLR Daily

Posted October 9th, 2008 in adoption, law reports, placement orders by sally

In re S (A Child); [2008] WLR (D) 308

“When considering whether to revoke a placement order placing a child for adoption with prospective adopters, it was wrong to focus on whether the carers were ‘potential’ adopters.”

WLR, 8th October 2008


Please note once a case has been reported in one of the ICLR series the corresponding WLR Daily summary is removed.

M v Warwickshire County Council – Times Law Reports

Posted December 21st, 2007 in children, law reports, placement orders by sally

M v Warwickshire County Council

Court of Appeal

“On an application for leave to revoke a placement order based on a change of circumstances, a discretion arose in which the welfare of the child and the prospect of success should both be weighed and the former was not necessarily paramount.”

The Times, 21st December 2007


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