Lawyer Dinah Rose KC sues the Times for libel – The Guardian

‘A leading lawyer is suing the Times for libel over a report relating to a complaint against her to the barristers’ watchdog for England and Wales.’

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The Guardian, 6th February 2023


The Cab Rank Rule – Oxford Human Rights Hub

‘In his blog for the Human Rights Hub, Edwin Cameron criticised Ms Dinah Rose QC, the President of Magdalen, for accepting the brief, in the Privy Council, to defend the Cayman Islands government’s law against same-sex marriage. Having long been one of my few judicial heroes, it is not easy for me to disagree with Edwin. However, on this point he is, with the greatest of respect, wrong.’

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Oxford Human Rights Hub, 7th March 2021


Collection of fees in receivables finance agreement must not be “arbitrary, capricious or irrational” says High Court –

Posted August 2nd, 2017 in banking, Cayman Islands, fees, fiduciary duty, indemnities, news, receivers by tracey

‘The High Court has found that a lender must be rational when exercising its contractual discretion to charge collection fees under a receivables finance agreement. The agreement allowed for fees of up to 15%, however, the maximum chargeable for the lender to remain compliant with its duty was found, in this case, to be 4%.’

Full Story, 1st august 2017


Charman divorce deadlock looms as top Cayman judge issues rallying call for trusts – Legal Week

Posted March 13th, 2008 in Cayman Islands, divorce, news, trusts by sally

“A leading Caribbean judge has launched a staunch defence of trusts, fuelling expectations that there will be an unprecedented stand-off between offshore and onshore judges over the landmark Charman v Charman divorce ruling.”

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Legal Week, 13th March 2008