A v B and another (Female parents: Role of biological father) – WLR Daily

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A v B and another (Female parents: Role of biological father): [2012] EWCA Civ 285;  [2012] WLR (D)  80

“Where a child was conceived by a mother and a father by virtue of an agreement between them that the child would live with and be brought up in the care of the mother and her female partner as the primary care givers of the child, there could be no general rule in family proceedings that the biological father was to be regarded only as a ‘secondary’ parent or to have a limited relationship with the child. Each case was fact specific and the welfare of the child was paramount.”

WLR Daily, 14th March 2012

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Girls’ secret father wins right to be on birth certificates – Daily Telegraph

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“A father of twin girls must be identified on their birth certificates even though his children do not know he is their father, judges have ruled.”

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Daily Telegraph, 16th December 2011

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Court refuses ‘futile’ reporting restriction on paternity story – OUT-LAW.com

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“Banning the further reporting of a story which has already gained the attention of millions of people around the world would be ludicrous, absurd and unenforceable, the High Court has said.”

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OUT-LAW.com, 26th May 2009

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Single mothers to be forced to name fathers on birth certificates – Daily Telegraph

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“Single mothers will be forced to give the name of the child’s father on birth certificates to encourage men to take responsibility for their children, under plans to be approved by Parliament.”

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Daily Telegraph, 16th March 2009

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DNA father to take case to Europe – BBC News

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“A man who sued his ex-wife for fraud for letting him believe another man’s child was his daughter is to take his fight to the European courts.”

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BBC News, 3rd February 2009

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Single mothers forced to give father’s name on birth certificate – Daily Telegraph

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“Single mothers will be forced to give the name of their child’s father on birth certificates so that they can be made to pay maintenance, under a Government clampdown on the benefits culture.”

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Daily Telegraph, 10th December 2008

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Mother who abandoned baby in court battle to stop father being told – Daily Telegraph

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“A man is unwittingly at the centre of what could prove to be a landmark court case about his right to know he may be a father.”

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Daily Telegraph, 28th November 2008

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DNA testing: One in five fathers wrongly identified by mothers in Child Support Agency claims – The Guardian

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“Nearly one in five paternity claims handled by the Child Support Agency end up showing the mother has deliberately or inadvertently misidentified the father, figures show.”

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The Guardian, 1st August 2008

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A boy can legally have two fathers, judge rules in landmark case – Daily Telegraph

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“A five-year-old boy has been given two legal fathers in a landmark Court of Appeal ruling which declares there is ‘no limit’ to the number of parents a child can have.”

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Daily Telegraph, 31st July 2008

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Infertile man forced to pay for child he claims isn’t his – Daily Telegraph

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“An infertile man had to pay more than £8,000 to the Child Support Agency for a child he claims can’t be his.”

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Daily Telegraph, 10th July 2008

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Change to birth laws means an end to ‘fatherless’ children – The Times

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“All fathers will be required to sign their baby’s birth certificate under a change in the law designed to ensure that both parents are involved in a child’s life.”

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The Times, 3rd June 2008

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In re F (Children) (Declaration of paternity) – Times Law Reports

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Telling child its true paternity

In re F (Children) (Declaration of paternity)

“The family justice system was entitled to take responsibility for deciding whether a child should be told of his paternity, in the event of adult dispute.”

The Times, 6th August 2007

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‘Rape claim’ father of twins goes to court over his parental rights – The Times

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“A man accused of drugging and raping a woman, and getting her pregnant with twins, is fighting for access to the children.”

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The Times, 27th July 2007

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Paternity declaration fines – Daily Telegraph

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“Unmarried fathers who admit paternity of a child but refuse to register on the birth certificate could be fined under new proposals.”

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Daily Telegraph, 27th June 2007

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Fathers “unknown” should be fined, think tank says – Reuters

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“Fathers who fail to register their name on their child’s birth certificates should be fined, a think tank said on Saturday.”

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Reuters, 16th June 2007

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Society wife and a £300,000 paternity case – Daily Telegraph

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“A mother yesterday told the High Court that her youngest child was the illegitimate son of a distinguished doctor and therefore had no right to a share in a substantial family trust fund.”

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Daily Telegraph, 16th May 2007

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Stockbroker wins £22,000 damages for paternity deceit – The Guardian

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“A wealthy stockbroker whose former girlfriend deceived him into believing he had fathered her son was awarded £22,400 damages against her in the high court yesterday. In what is believed to be the first case of its kind in Britain, the man, 63, known only as Mr A for legal reasons, claimed compensation for the emotional hurt of thinking he was the father when he was not. He also claimed for being significantly out of pocket after paying for the child’s maintenance and his fees at Charterhouse school.”

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The Guardian, 4th April 2007

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