Revised Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines – Published 12 May 2008 – Sentencing Guidelines Council

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“The first revised magistrates’ court sentencing guidelines in four years have today been published by the Sentencing Guidelines Council.”

Press release

Revised Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines (PDF)

Sentencing Guidelines Council, 12th May 2008


Fraser v Judicial and Legal Services Commission and another – WLR Daily

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Fraser v Judicial and Legal Services Commission and another [2008] UKPC 25; [2008] WLR (D) 139

“A magistrate, on a fixed term appointment in Saint Lucia, enjoyed the same constitutional rights against summary dismissal as a member of the higher judiciary, regardless of any contractual term to the contrary.”

WLR Daily, 7th May 2008


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Lawyers fight plans for case-worker trials – The Times

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“Barristers begin an offensive today over plans to allow non-lawyers to conduct magistrates’ courts trials.”

Full story

The Times, 21st April 2008


Views sought on proposed changes to Criminal Procedure Rules – Ministry of Justice

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“The Criminal Procedure Rule Committee is asking for views on proposed changes to the rules on starting a criminal case in a magistrates’ court.”

Full story

Ministry of Justice, 7th April 2008


Magistrate jailed for 18 months for fraud – Daily Telegraph

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“A magistrate who told a businessman friend that he could make a court case against him ‘go away’ has been jailed for 18 months.”

Full story

Daily Telegraph, 19th March 2008


Court staff ‘let hundreds of offenders walk free’ – The Guardian

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“Staff at Leeds magistrates court are facing disciplinary action for serious errors which resulted in hundreds of offenders escaping prosecution, the Ministry of Justice said today.”

Full story

The Guardian, 11th March 2008


Pc’s attacker is spared jail – Daily Telegraph

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“A senior police officer has criticised magistrates after they chose not to jail a man who beat up a police constable because the country’s prisons are too full.”

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Daily Telegraph, 27th February 2008


Magistrates hit back at call to jail fewer people – The Guardian

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“Magistrates reacted angrily yesterday to a call from the justice secretary, Jack Straw, to send fewer people to jail to ease pressure on prison places.”

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The Guardian, 23rd February 2008


Magistrate carried out Tube scam – BBC News

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“A magistrate who carried out a £5,000 Tube ticket scam has been given a suspended sentence.”

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BBC News, 12th Februrary 2008


Juvenile court magistrate: Our hands are tied – Daily Telegraph

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“Violent crime committed by children and teenagers has gone up by a third in only three years, an investigation by The Sunday Telegraph revealed last week. Total offences climbed steadily from 184,474 in 2003 to 222,750 in 2006. Most of these are dealt with by overstretched youth courts in possession of limited sentencing powers. Patrick Sawer reports from the ‘frontline’ of youth justice, as magistrates, lawyers and officials struggle to cope with rising levels of youth crime.”

Full story

Daily Telegraph, 27th January 2008


McClintock v Department of Constitutional Affairs – Times Law Reports

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McClintock v Department of Constitutional Affairs

Employment Appeal Tribunal

“To allow judges to opt out of hearing cases where they disapproved of the law would be an abdication of their responsibilities.”

The Times, 5th December 2007


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Time intervals for criminal proceedings in magistrates’ courts – Ministry of Justice

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“Quarterly National Statistics release presenting results from a 1-week survey of criminal cases completed in the Magistrates’ courts. ”

Full press release

Ministry of Justice, 23rd November 2007


To deliver justice we need time, not a midwife – The Times

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“It is nine months since ‘Falconer’s Folly’ began its roll-out to all 360 magistrates’ courts in England and Wales. This scheme is more properly called ‘speedy justice’ – a system designed to hurry cases through the courts. A trial period in Thames, Camberwell, Coventry and West Cumbria proved that it did just that, according to some official statistics.”

Full story

The Times, 13th November 2007


Gay couple adoption appeal lost – BBC News

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“An ex-magistrate who says he was forced to resign because he would not place children for adoption with gay couples has lost his appeal.”

Full story

BBC News, 31st October 2007


JP fears assault claim hit reputation – Daily Telegraph

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“A leading magistrate has said he feared his reputation was in tatters after losing a legal bid to sue his daughter-in-law over allegations he assaulted her.”

Full story

Daily Telegraph, 31st October 2007


Christian JP refused to rule on gay adoption – The Times

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“A Christian magistrate was forced to resign because he refused to place children for adoption with gay couples, an employment appeal tribunal was told yesterday.”

Full story

The Times, 23rd October 2007


Magistrate in gay adoption row to appeal – Daily Telegraph

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“A Christian magistrate who claims that he had to quit the bench because he objects to adoption by gay couples is taking the Government to court today.”

Full story

Daily Telegraph, 22nd October 2007


Means testing in the magistrates’ courts: post implementation review – Ministry of Justice

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“Means testing in the magistrates’ courts was introduced on time and on budget and remains on course to deliver its projected annual savings of £35 million.”

Full story

Ministry of Justice press release, 2nd October 2007


Magistrate walks out over Muslim woman’s veil – Daily Telegraph

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“A magistrate is facing an inquiry after refusing to deal with a defendant wearing a full Muslim veil, the Judiciary of England and Wales said yesterday.”

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Daily Telegraph, 2nd July 2007


Magistrates’ jailing powers to be slashed – The Observer

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“The Government will this week spark a new war with the judiciary by stripping England and Wales’s 30,000 magistrates of powers to hand out suspended jail terms, in a fresh bid to ease the prisons crisis.”

Full story

The Observer, 24th June 2007