R v. Jones – Times Law Reports

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Specific child need not be identified

R v. Jones

Court of Appeal

“The offence of intentionally causing or inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity could be committed even though it was not possible to identify any specific or identifiable child to whom the incitement was addressed.”

The Times, 8th June 2007

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Silencing hatred – Law Society’s Gazette

“Although the Race and Religious Hatred Act was passed 18 months ago it has yet to be brought into force. The many who regard it as superfluous fear it will be soon. Polly Botsford reports.”

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Law Society’s Gazette, 7th June 2007

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Imran Khan plans UK legal action – BBC News

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“The Pakistani cricketer turned politician, Imran Khan, is due in the UK to plan legal action against another Pakistani politician, Altaf Hussein.” 

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BBC News, 2nd June 2007

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Invasion of privacy – The Sunday Times

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“Police, baliffs, customs officers, firefighters, the Inland Revenue … A whole army of British officials have their own special reasons to deman entry to your home. But is the law always on their side? Richard Girling investigates.” 

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The Sunday Times, 3rd June 2007

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Britain limits EU religious hatred ban – Reuters

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“Britain has narrowed the scope of a European Union-wide ban on incitement to religious hatred in a proposed anti-racism law, diplomats said on Tuesday.”

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Reuters, 18th April 2007

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Extremists told to expect prosecution – The Times

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“Extremists who preach hate and incite violence and murder will be targeted under a tough crackdown launched by the Attorney-General today to bring ‘radicalisers’ before the courts. ”

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The Times, 5th April 2007

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National strategy to enhance prosecution of extremist radicalisers – Attorney General’s Office

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“A national strategy to enhance the investigation and prosecution of extremist radicalisers in the UK – those who incite others to terrorism, violence or hatred of other groups – was announced by the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith today.” 

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Attorney General’s Office press release, 5th April 2007

Source: www.attorneygeneral.gov.uk