Doing the Time – Mountford Chambers

‘The last two years has brought a myriad of changes to the proportion of a custodial sentence that offenders will actually have to serve. Many factors are beyond the control of judges or counsel, and many of the changes have been made without fanfare. Some of the changes are welcome news. The fact that time on remand for youths sentenced to Detention and Training Orders (“DTO’s”) now actually counts towards the detention period seems like a long overdue victory for fairness and common sense. Others have inevitably contributed to the escalating prison population. Alexandra Scott gives an overview of the regime as currently stands.’

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Mountford Chambers, 8th September 2023


How do youth courts in England and Wales function? – The Guardian

‘There are differences in how children are prosecuted, who hears cases and punishments.’

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The Guardian, 3rd November 2019


Judge warns of ‘blood on our hands’ if suicidal girl is forced out of secure care – The Guardian

‘The nation will have “blood on its hands” if an NHS hospital bed cannot be found within days for a teenage girl who is at acute risk of taking her own life, according to the UK’s most senior family judge.’

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The Guardian, 3rd August 2017


Child offender tagging system ‘not working’ – BBC News

‘A tagging programme for child offenders is not working and results in excessive punishment, a charity has warned.’

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BBC News, 29th September 2014


H v Doncaster Youth Court – Times Law Reports

H v Doncaster Youth Court

Queen’s Bench Divisional Court

“On a return to custody following release from a detention and training order, the period of the ‘remainder of the term’ was to be calculated from the date when it was proved to the satisfaction of the youth court that an offender had failed to comply with the requirements of the supervision element of the order.”

The Times, 12th January 2009


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