SLAPPs: What are they? And how should defamation law be reformed to address them? – Journal of Media Law

Posted May 16th, 2024 in defamation, freedom of expression, news, public interest by sally

‘This article examines the need for legislative reform to address the problem of strategic litigation against public participation (SLAPPs), with a focus on defamation law as the most common action for such claims. It draws upon legislative and judicial approaches from a range of different jurisdictions to define the problem of SLAPPs and examines whether the existing law in England and Wales provides an adequate solution to the problem of SLAPPs. This analysis indicates some important recent developments in the law that are relevant to SLAPPs but concludes that legislative reform is necessary to address the problem of SLAPPs. In contrast to the current proposals for reform, the article proposes an anti-SLAPP provision that crystallizes and builds upon recent developments in the law, to effectively address the problem of SLAPPs without posing an unnecessary risk of the denial of innocent claims.’

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Journal of Media Law, 13th May 2024