Michael Lane: “Administrative Clutter” or a Case for Centralising Human Rights? UN Human Rights Mechanisms and the UK Government – UK Constitutional Law Association

Posted May 7th, 2024 in government departments, human rights, news, treaties, United Nations by tracey

‘Human rights in the UK are routinely reviewed by various UN bodies – treaty bodies, special procedures, and the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). The influence of these activities in the UK has been the subject of some inquiry in the past (see, notably, Brice Dickson’s recent book on the subject). But what has remained elusive is whether the work of these bodies has any salience to the UK Government. As the prime initiator of policy and legislation, the executive holds significant power to implement the recommendations of UN bodies that it supports. Hence, we must understand the extent to which policymakers engage with the findings and recommendations of human rights mechanisms to fully appreciate their impact (or lack thereof). Do they have any bearing at all on decision-making, or simply pass under the radar? Is engagement with the UN mechanisms a mere ritual, or a means of securing greater respect for rights in the UK?’

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UK Constitutional Law Association, 7th May 2024

Source: ukconstitutionallaw.org