Bedroom tax, sanctuary schemes and human rights redux – Nearly Legal

Posted October 29th, 2019 in benefits, disability discrimination, domestic violence, housing, human rights, news by tracey

‘Case of J. D. and A. v United Kingdom 32949/17 34614/17. The Supreme Court (Lady Hale and Lord Carnwath dissenting) found justified discrimination in imposing the bedroom tax on a woman who, as a result of domestic violence, had had her home treated under the Sanctuary Scheme to include the modification of the attic to render it a “panic room”. (Our report here). The Supreme Court found that this was for a case by case evaluation, not something that required a blanket exemption for a class of people, and there were Discretionary Housing Payments possible. The European Court of Human Rights, in a 5/2 split decision, has now found that it was not justified discrimination.’

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Nearly Legal, 27th October 2019