Fair or foul: sport and the law – Henderson Chambers

‘The question is: how does one earn a living in sport? By skill? Hand-eye coordination? Fancy footwork? Fast reactions? By luck? By cheating – and getting away with it? Or none of these. As far as we are concerned, the living is earned in the law. The law by, with, to and from all aspects of sport because a legal principle from every page of every textbook will apply somewhere in the entire spectrum of sports activities on and off the field. Think of the law that applies to staff, betting,merchandising of team brands, the corrections of misdemeanours and their effects, ownership of buildings, copyright issues. If I just do a list, it will go on forever. I do not have “a little list.” Mine is endless and what I propose to do is to follow, if not the rules, then the pattern of sport by touching on a topic haphazardly then running back, in an intellectual sort of way, to the other side of the court before starting again on a different tack. There are so many sporting metaphors to mix.’

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Henderson Chambers, 8th July 2014

Source: www.hendersonchambers.co.uk