Peer faces asbo threat in row over leylandii hedge – The Guardian

Posted September 8th, 2008 in ASBOs, news by sally

“A peer could find himself facing magistrates under asbo legislation after allegedly failing to keep his leylandii hedge under control.”

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The Guardian, 8th September 2008


More than 1,000 children jailed for breaching Asbos – The Independent

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“An increasing number of children are being criminalised by the justice system, it was claimed yesterday, as new figures showed that more than 1,000 youngsters have been jailed for an average of six months each for breaching anti-social behaviour orders.”

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The Independent, 25th August 2008


County court anti-social behaviour co-ordinators – a pilot scheme – Ministry of Justice

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” A report assessing the role of county court anti-social behaviour co-ordinators under a scheme piloted for a year.

The study investigates perceptions of the effectiveness of the pilot scheme in enhacing relationships between courts and their users, and improving the processing of anti-social behaviour-related cases. It also discusses the views of housing and legal professionals involved with anti-social behaviour proceedings, as well as the views of the co-ordinators themselves.”

County court anti-social behaviour co-ordinators – a pilot scheme (PDF)

Ministry of Justice, 5th August 2008


‘Bored’ teenager escapes jail over deadly hoax 999 call – Daily Telegraph

“Ian Paterson, 17, called the fire brigade on June 29 because he was ‘bored’, and reported a fake warehouse fire ‘for a laugh’.”

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Daily Telegraph, 22nd July 2008


Children threatened with ASBOs for playing football in street – Daily Telegraph

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“A group of children were told they face anti-social behaviour orders for playing football in the street.”

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Daily Telegraph, 30th June 2008


State to take action against parents who can’t control their children – The Times

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” Children as young as 5 will be identified as being at risk of becoming criminals or troublemakers under government plans to tackle offending and disorder on the streets.”

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The Times, 27th June 2008


R (Smith) v Crown Court at Snaresbrook – WLR Daily

Posted June 11th, 2008 in ASBOs, law reports by sally

R (Smith) v Crown Court at Snaresbrook [2008] EWHC 1282 (Admin); [2008] WLR (D) 185

“The only criterion for the making of an order under s 5(4) of the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003 extending the period of a closure order was whether the extension was necessary to prevent the occurrence of disorder or serious nuisance.”

WLR Daily, 11th June 2008


Please note once a case has been fully reported in one of the ICLR series the corresponding WLR Daily summary is removed.

Beggar is given country-wide Asbo – BBC News

Posted June 6th, 2008 in ASBOs, news by sally

“A man has been given an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) banning him from begging anywhere in England and Wales.”

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BBC News, 5th June 2008


Harass a hoodie: how Essex police take surveillance to the streets – The Guardian

Posted May 30th, 2008 in ASBOs, police, special report, young offenders by sally

“Operation Leopard is the latest weapon in the fight against antisocial behaviour to receive government backing. Pioneered by officers in Essex policing difficult estates, it deploys forward intelligence teams (FITs) – units trained to gather evidence at foxhunts, protests and football matches – in areas suffering from crime.”

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The Guardian, 30th May 2008


Two out of three breach their first Asbo – Daily Telegraph

Posted May 28th, 2008 in ASBOs, news by sally

“Two thirds of people who are given anti-social behaviour orders for the first time go on to breach them, figures show.”

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Daily Telegraph, 27th May 2008


Legal Opinion: Labour has not curbed yob culture in Britain – The Independent

Posted May 28th, 2008 in ASBOs, special report by sally

“The Asbo was supposed to help communities combat nuisance behaviour. Robert Verkaik, Law Editor, reviews the unhappy record of a flagship Labour policy.”

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The Independent, 28th May 2008


Consultation sentencing guideline and Advice on Breach of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order – Sentencing Guidelines Council

Posted May 27th, 2008 in ASBOs, consultations, sentencing by sally

“The Sentencing Guidelines Council published a consultation guideline for breaches of anti-social behaviour orders on 23 May 2008. The Sentencing Advisory Panel also published its Advice on the same day.”

Consultation guideline – Breach of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (PDF)

Letter to consultees (PDF)

Advice: Breach of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (PDF)

Press Notice (PDF)

Sentencing Guidelines Council, 23rd May 2008


Shoplifter asks for her own Asbo – BBC News

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“A convicted shoplifter is believed to be the first person to have requested her own Asbo, police have said.”

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BBC News, 13th May 2008


Nottingham tackles Asbo culture with early action – the Independent

Posted May 12th, 2008 in ASBOs, news, young offenders by sally

“It has been called the gun crime capital of the UK and has languished at the bottom of the education league tables, but now Nottingham is transforming its fortunes with a groundbreaking early intervention project to tackle Asbo culture.”

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The Independent, 12th May 2008


Home Secretary: We’re fighting back – Home Office

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“A new ‘action squad’ will work with police and local agencies in every community to help them take on the problem of anti-social behaviour.”

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Home Office, 8th May 2008


Benefits officers enlisted to tackle anti-social behaviour – The Independent

Posted May 9th, 2008 in ASBOs, benefits, news by sally

“Officials from housing benefits officers to TV licence inspectors are to be enlisted in the fight against anti-social behaviour, under plans unveiled today by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.”

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The Independent, 8th May 2008


ASBOs quietly dropped as most young offenders ignore them – The Times

Posted May 9th, 2008 in ASBOs, news by sally

“One of Labour’s main policies to tackle yobbish disorder is facing a slow death after figures published yesterday showed a sharp drop in antisocial behaviour orders.”

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The Times, 9th May 2008


Level of breached Asbos increases – BBC News

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“The proportion of people who have breached their Asbos in England and Wales has gone up.”

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BBC News, 8th May 2008


Police should harass young thugs – Smith – The Guardian

Posted May 8th, 2008 in ASBOs, news, police, young offenders by sally

“Police should be harassing badly behaved youths by openly filming them and hounding them at home to make their lives as uncomfortable as possible, the home secretary will say today.”

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The Guardian, 8th May 2008


Bingo jackpot for drunk Asbo offender – Daily Telegraph

Posted April 24th, 2008 in alcohol abuse, ASBOs, news by sally

“A drinker who injured a woman police officer while resisting arrest was given an Asbo banning him from all pubs and clubs – except when he wants to go to bingo.”

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Daily Telegraph, 24th April 2008