Recission for unilateral mistake: Barclays Bank UK PLC v (1) Terry & (2) Terry [2023] EWHC 2726 (Ch) and [2023] EWHC 3113 (Ch) – Gatehouse Chambers

Posted April 29th, 2024 in banking, chambers articles, land registration, mortgages, news by sally

‘In this series of two articles, we will discuss points of interest arising from the recent case Barclays Bank UK PLC v Terry & Anor (“the Barclays litigation”, “Barclays” and “Mr and Mrs Terry”) in which the writers were counsel for the defendants. This, the first article, discusses a point of substantive law (the court’s exercise of its equitable jurisdiction to rescind disposition made as a result of a unilateral mistake) the focus of the second article will be procedural (re: representative claims under CPR 19.8).’

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Gatehouse Chambers, 22nd April 2024