Alerter by Tim Green KC & Douglas Maxwell – The fundamental reform of product safety? – Henderson Chambers

Posted December 20th, 2023 in chambers articles, compensation, government departments, health & safety, news by sally

This article provides a concise summary of the significant changes that are being considered to the UK’s product safety regulation over the next 12 months. In August 2023, the Department for Business and Trade (the “DBT”) and the Office for Product Safety and Standards’ (the “OPSS”) published a Consultation on “Smarter regulation: UK product safety review” (the “Consultation”). The Consultation was part of the Government’s “smarter regulation strategy” and broader regulatory reform of product safety. The Ministerial Forward did not shy away from the potential scale of the changes, stating “fundamental reform is necessary”. The relatively short Consultation window closed on 24 October 2023.’

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Henderson Chambers, 3rd November 2023