Nur v Birmingham (Part 2): some on the allocation scheme are more equal than others – Nearly Legal

‘Mrs Nur lives with her 3 adult daughters, including her daughter Zakiya Abudlahi, who has cerebral palsy and learning difficulties and for whom Mrs Nur is a full time carer. Mrs Nur and Zakiya were living in the PRS when they registered on Birmingham Council’s Housing List in August 2011. In late 2018 Mrs Nur’s landlord sought possession and an order for possession was made on 12 November 2018. The Council accepted they had a homelessness duty towards the family on 22 November and they were granted a tenancy of a house owned by the Council at 89 Jervoise Road. Mrs Nur received that property following a homelessness offer, rather than as an allocation under the scheme.’

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Nearly Legal, 16th May 2021