How far should family law reflect modern family life? The case of cohabitation, equal civil partnerships and the common law marriage myth – Transparency Project

Posted March 27th, 2019 in bills, civil partnerships, cohabitation, equality, families, marriage, news, statistics by sally

‘There is no longer just one way of ‘doing’ family in modern Britain. With much greater gender equality and social acceptance of different family forms, how we organise family life and our personal relationships has changed considerably in recent times. In some ways, the law in England and Wales has kept pace with change – same-sex civil partnerships in 2004 and same-sex marriage in 2013 are shining examples of progressive legislative landmarks. Yet we have witnessed clear policy reluctance to offer legal protection to opposite-sex couples who reject marriage, despite Law Commission recommendations in 2007 and despite many other countries including Scotland, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand having reformed their cohabitation law.’

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Transparency Project, 26th March 2019