Alexandra Sinclair and Joe Tomlinson: Deleting the Administrative State? – UK Constitutional Law Association

Posted February 8th, 2019 in brexit, EC law, ministers' powers and duties, news, regulations by sally

‘A key public law discussion in recent months concerns the vast number of statutory instruments (SIs) government is using to implement Brexit. Initially, it was said by government that c.800-1,000 SIs were required. That estimate has now been revised down to c.600 (while the estimated number of SIs has decreased the size of individual SIs has also increased). This aspect of the Brexit process is worthy of study for multiple reasons, perhaps most notably because of the level of democratic scrutiny that will be (realistically) provided. In this post, we introduce one aspect of Brexit SIs that, we argue, is worthy of close attention by public lawyers: the deletion of administrative functions.’

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UK Constitutional Law Association, 7th February 2019