Simon Renton: Historical Perspectives and the Miller Case – UK Constitutional Law Association

Posted January 20th, 2017 in constitutional law, EC law, news, parliament, prerogative powers, referendums, treaties by sally

‘Unlike many legal subjects, constitutional law involves an awareness of history. Conversely, a student of British Constitutional History benefits from an understanding of legal concepts. (Though, as a history undergraduate who in 1969 was taught the subject by Jenifer Hart, the wife of HLA Hart, any mention of the “rule of recognition” would have been lost on me.) As we await the decision of the Supreme Court, it is germane to consider the story of the UK’s accession to the EEC and other Communities in 1971-1973. The debates in the House of Commons in 1971-72 provide one with a good understanding of the legal and constitutional issue which were at play; as well, of course of the international, political and economic issues which engaged the attention of Ministers and backbenchers.’

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UK Constitutional Law Association, 19th January 2017