Kratzer v RAV AG: Access to Employment versus access to compensation – Cloisters

Posted August 25th, 2016 in age discrimination, compensation, EC law, employment, news by sally

‘Those with long memories will recall a Mr John Berry (alias) who was said to have made ET litigation a veritable cottage industry. Mr Berry’s modus operandi was to locate advertisements (principally placed by recruitment agencies) for roles across the UK which contained terminology allegedly targeting younger people such as “school leavers” or “recent graduates.” Estimates suggest that Mr Berry presented over 60 such claims, several of which led to financial settlement. A number of these claims ultimately made their way to Underhill P in Berry v Recruitment Revolution and ors UKEAT/0419/10/LA etc. On that occasion the EAT determined that an individual who has not applied for a role advertised in discriminatory terms and was not deterred from so applying had no right to compensation.’

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Cloisters, 18th August 2016